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one time i got really mad at my friend. so i asked f she had 2 go 2 the bathroom ,she said yes so i took her 2 the bathroom. she was watching the tv at the time i was making the prank, i got plstic and put the tolit seat ^. i put the plastic really tight under the seat. so she went 2 the bathroom and she went, then she started 2 go &let out the pee. there was a puddle of pee and it started 2 over flow. sh ecleaned ^ th emess an dnever spock 2 me agin. but it was all worth it.

once upon a time i wrapped two sided tape on my sisters doorknob. when she tried to enter, her hand was stuck to the doorknob she didn't notice at the time and the tape pulled her back.also i put tape on the light switch (not the two sided tape).after that i went and put two sided tape, with teddy bear hair on it, on the door handle of my uncles bedroom later that day he was like "WHAT THE HELL!!!!!"

I wasnt really asleep
Ok so i was reallly really hyper right? so i told my friend that was sleeping over we should prank some 1! But she was like no way! so i thoutht it would b fun to prank her so i took out some cookies and layed them around her so if she turned it would wake her up then when she would turn I would use my fake skeliton hand and slide it up by her since she would be awake by the cookies so when she saw the hand she would flip out and run off the bed and trip over this bar I placed by the bed and she would land right into the pie we had made earlier! When she finally rolled over and saw the hand she freaked!I mean like "Oh My Freakin GOd theres a Dead PERSON THING NEXT TO ME!!!" and when she tripped it made the hours i spent under the bed worth it! She was like "OMG! Lauren u little meanie im ur bff!" and i was like "doesnt mean i cant prank you" It was soooo funny i laugh every time i remember it!

Face Pubes.
Ok so I went to this party and my friend pushed me in the pool .It wouldnt have been so bad except for the fact that my top feel off and my breast were completely exposed.
I wanted revenge.
I waited untill my friend was passed out from all the
liquor he had for my plan to unfold.
I told my other friend to shave off his pubic hair and
give them to me, then i went over to my friend who was still passed out and glued my other friends pubes on his face.
It was hilarious.He was really pissed off. Revenge is so so sweet.

The Chinse Call
Once me and a group of friends took out the phone book and chose a random number. When they answered, in a chinese accent we're like, ello is mr.wing there? (they said no) is mr.wong there (they said no) then we're like oh sorry i guess i winged the wong numba, bie-bie!

Messy morning
okay. so, i was at a friends house, right? well, we always play a prank on her older brother. he was way onto us, and didnt go to sleep til almost 5 in the morning. their rooms are connected by a bathroom. we went into the bathroom, when his door was shut. we put seran wrap on the toilet, and took it a step further. we covered the door way to his room with it too1 (his door opens into his room) then, we put tons of shaving cream on the floor. we put seran wrap over the sink, too. finally, we set up her web cam in a corner, and left it taping. we watched the cam all night. he finally got up, and walked into the seran wrap, getting coverd. it stuck to him. he took a step, and slipped in the cream. he attempted to turn on the sink, causing water to go everywhere.he never used the toilet, though. :(

My best friend goes camping up in Cape May and at the camp sites they have a golf cart. So my Friend crouthes so his mom can't see him down as we go around a turn. i start screaming we WE LOST RYAN! she turns around to look and she gets a really worried look on her face and starts to stop. Ryan pops back up and starts laughing.

Ferret barf
One time I got a prank kit and it had fake pet barf in it. I put it in the bathtub right befor my mom and dad got in the shower. I listened from my room and my mom starts say stuff like what is that. A few minutes later she walks into my room laughing saying she thought the ferret threw up and that she picked it with a napkin and i start cracken up.

My friend, Makenzie, and I had decided to go see a movie together, and I suggested we both bring friends. We go to different schools, so we wouldn't know eachother's friends. I was going to bring my friend Gracie, but she got sick and couldn't go out with us that night, so I called my boyfriend and asked him to come. I didn't get a chance to call Makenzie and tell her, but I didn't think she would care. So anyway, we got there earlier than Makenzie and her friend, so we had already got tickets and were waiting for them. When I saw them coming up the front steps of the movie theatre, I had an idea. I said to Matt 'go stand over there and act like you don't know me.' He was a little weirded out, but agreed. When Makenzie and her friend came in I told them Gracie was in the washroom and stood in the line for tickets with them. I sort of did a little glance-around thing, and when I looked over at Matt, I turned back to them and started saying things like 'ohmygod, that guy behind me? Isn't he really hot, do you think so? Hey, do you think he's my age or what?' I told them I was gonna go over and see if he's talk to me. They were like 'oh no Anne, don't do it, he's like, out of your league!' So I said 'Maybe you're right.....But I'll try anyway!' And before they coud stop me I walked over to where Matt was and I kissed him, and Makenzie and her friend had the FUNNIEST looks on their faces! When I brought Matt back over to them, they were like 'WOAH Anne, you're so GOOD at pulling guys!!' It was hilarious. I eventually told them that he was my boyfriend, and they thought it was funny.

The Goldfish
One Time when my friend came over we were on my sisters bed and we eating goldfish so we put tuns of goldfish in her bed and acted like nothin happened so wen my sister went to get in bed shes like "whats in here?" and it was goldfish.It was sooooooo funny!!. but i got in a alot of trouble :(
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