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Follow the ligh
Ok so me and my sister got into this fight right, well i decided to pull a prank on her. I waited untill she got really made at my mom and stomed off to her room then i went in with a flash light. "are you mad? do you want to runaway?" i asked she told me yes and so i turned on the flash light and told her it was a portal the a better place.She was like 6 so she believed me and ran full bast at the wall!!! I got grounded but it was sooo worth it!

When me and my brother were in a car for a long drive with my mum We thought it would be funny to play a practical joke.So i hit my brother and said stop it and then i hit him again and yelled at him and my mum got so angry at him and me andm y brother were in hysterics.

Ring Ring!
I have this neighbor and I have a friend. One time my friend and her sister and I were bike riding. Then I got this idea of ringing someone's doorbell. So, we rung my neighbor's doorbell. Then we ran behind their red car. Then this guy comes out and we were still behind the car. He never closes the door, and so I stood up and was like, "Oh my goodness! Are you all right?" and we started to pretend that my friend fell and we pretended that nothing happened. It was so much fun!

Bleeding tooth
One day we had candy corn because it was getting close to halloween and i ate all the part of the candy corn except the white part and my dad had some cinimon mouth wash and i put the whute part of the cany corn in the sick along with a little mouth wash and my mom freaked out

can you sign that again?
Me and my friends went to a restaurant and we all knew sign language so we asked like we had to use it! My one friends was the one who told the waitress what we all wanted and my other friend kept trying to do eggs but she didn't know it! So she sign spelled it really fast and no one knew what she was saying! The waitress was so confused! Finally we all start laughing and tell the waitress what we want.

one time i had 2 friends sleep over thay had brought ther bikes an i live near a cymitary and thay lock the gates at night so i whated until thay were about to lock it and i the we went i toled one of my friends and i know another whay out so we got way a head of her then we went out the other way out the she called my cell phone and said do you know gates are locked i said no she freaked out for a hour then my mom made us go get her she did not talk to us 4 a week

da best prank
well these pranks are ok heres an awsome one.

1. go to school
2. get loose staples
3. put a staple in every door lock in the school!

when the teacher puts thier key in the lock i pushes the staple into the lock causeing the lock to become useless and the staple is inposible to get out

The Grudge
ok so my sister thinks the grudge lives under her bed. so me and my brother decided to scare her. i distracted her while jackson crawled under her bed. when she finally fell asleep he started banging on the bed and making the grudge noise. (uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh) she freaked out! she ran in to my room and was saying the grudge lives in my room! the grudge lives in my room! it was hilarious! but she finally figured it out.

Musted Is yeller
Ok so my friends and I we got really bored so we called a friend of mine on a diffrant phone and I did all the talking. So when my friend didnt awnser the phone it went to her voice mail and thats when the pank began. So heres how it goes. " Hello this is the muster comp. We have just recived a call from tis # asking for a 100 pounds of musted. If you would like to recive your muster prize please call back at this # or go to www.Musted Iz Thank Yall Have a super cow pokie day!" then you ahng up. You must have a Texasn accent to make the prank really funyy.( you can also say 1000 pounds of musterd) But its all worth it once the person calls back!! :D email me if you tried it and it worked.
Happy pranking

Taped to the Bed
My girlfriend and I were in her house and her sister was being really gross so when she fell asleep me and my girlfriend taped her to the bed, even gagging her with tape. It was SO funny
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