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school scare
last week our 5th period teacher noticed amanda fell asleep and made everyone quiet and turned the lights off!
she told everyone on the count of 3 scream as loud as you can!! so like she said we screamed and amanda woke up and started to scream and she looked so scared!!
it was so funny but at the end when everyone stopped laughing she got sent to the office.=[
it was so LOLZ!!!!

i was prank calling pizzahut and i was talking to him i said i would like a large,,,, GRANDMA!!!! GET AWAY FROM! THE STAIRS!!!!! omg my grandma was so close that time ok so i would like some anchovies OMG!!!!! GRANDMA PUT THAT GUN DOWN!!!! gosh she is out of control ok you guys deliver right and then i made a loud BANG!!! then said OMG GRANDMA!!!! then hung up

one time my friend was changing his litter sisters diper and he threw it at me and it opened and it hit his mom right in her chest and there was poop everywhere on it was so funny!!

micheal jackson
on holloween my boyfriend didnt want to dress up so when he took his nap at 4pm i took my eyeshadow that was black and painted his face 1/2 black. i used eyeshadow b/c it doesn't come off easy. so when he woke up i told him he could be micheal jackson 1/2 way though surgery. lol

Mcdonalds Pizza Please!
Me and my friends were home alone 1 night and we decided 2 prank call some restraunts. we called McDonalds and asked for Pizza Huts number, Called Pizza huts and asked for Mr. Gaddis, and so on!

mum is dat u
i waz asking teacher a quetionn?? instead of saying miss i said mum??? lol she did not answer but she turned and said are u talking to me and i said yer she started laughing and said to me ((((d0 i look like ur mum???)))

i like geeks
for my 7th period class i have yearbook so we can do whatever we want basically so i thought ill just play a prank on this totally geeky guy. I took out my cell phone and got a new wallpaper "i heart geeks" i wnt over to go talk to him about a yearbook page or something like that and i left right in front of him he tried to tell me that i left it but i just kept walking then he looked at it and went back to all his geeky friends and showed them my cell phone the next day he asked see a movie with him, i hadnt seen it so i was like what the heck

One time, I was on a school firld trip searchin for bugs when my two friends come up to me and say look at the spiders we got! And I looked in the box and there was the two biggest spiders I have ever seen! I screamed me head off and they told me that they were fake and everyone started laughing at me! It was sooo embarrasing!!!

laugh out loud prank
my friends and i were out camping and we were really bored so we went back to the basics. Prank calls so we found the phone number for mcdonalds and when they picked up i asked them the # 4 burger king and i swear the guy who annnswered told me it! he knew it by heart!

Me and my friend saw this article about how to make a PB&J look moldy. So after we made the sandwich look moldy we wrapped it in plastic wrap and put it in the fridge. We asked her mom to get us some bottled water from the fridge and when she opened the door all we heard was a loud scream and a gagging sound! it was hilarious!
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