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ok well im an emo and my friends always make fun of me for bein an emo metel head and stuff soo i decided to throw a little party so i did they came around 7 not knowin who else was comin 5 or 2 min. after they came all of my emo and metal head friends came and i told them to all hit on my other friends and stuff lol soo my friends that were makin fun of emos were now surrounded by emo vampire freeks hittin on them(wich includes girls hittin on girls:) lol there homophobic

one day at school i was on my way to the tolits and after i had done my business i flushed the tolit and loads of bubbles came shooting out. i thought i broke the tolit but what really happened was that some girls for a prank poured washing up liquid into all the tolits!!!!!!!!

so we all had to write an interview and perform it.
these 2 boys did theirs. the 1 bein interviewed didnt stick 2 their script and when asked his name he told the interviewer amanda hugnkiss.the interviewer says "you are amanda hugandkiss" the other 1 says "no im not". the teacher laughed even though she is mean.

Play Dead
so we were sat there in re waitin for 2 kids 2 come back from gettin these books. the teacher (who was an assistant head) told us 2 play dead. wen the kids came back they freaked out!tee hee!
it gets better- next time we had a lesson with her we played dead before she came and she flipped out. we all laughed, includin the teacher!

Car Money
I was with my friend and I wanted money so i should her a trick. i told her to find an old lady driving. so we looked for an old lady driving and found one and we moved our foot in a way to make it looked like the lady ran it over and then I started squeling and screaming and fake crying and then she gave me 50 bucks to pay the medical bill and she actually gave it to me, but then i felt guilty and gave it back but i shouldn't have because i really did need it BOO HOO:(

We were playing Ding-Dong- Ditch and we went to this ladies house. we knocked she answered too and then we all ran, but the lady must have known we were prankin her because in a second her dog was changin us down the street!

flip the script
ok my cuz and i were going to the bahamas and shes really scared of oceans so we got our swimsuits on and we went out there but i told my little brother to put on his shark hat and he put it on his head and started to swim out in the middle of the ocean i told her to go out there with me b/c i saw something we swam out there and he perked his head up ad pretended to grab my leg i screamed and she screamed and she fainted!i had to go down nad save her i wiggled my lil bro off my leg and i swam down all the way to the midnight zone!its really dark there and i couldnt see and she woke up right there and just lauhed we came up and told her everything it was so funny!

alli treatment prank
My step mom always pick on me for silly stuff I do and often insult my weight and advice in a mean way dat I should lose weight.So one afternoon I took 3 Alli pills for weight loss and slipped it in her hot coffee.
she later went out with my dad and on the date at a restaurant she shitted her pant with uncontrollable said she also farts uncontrollably against her will, she was a total mess. Alli treatment effect can come with one pills I fed her three. she can lose all the weight she want in her pant

minnow prank
one time i was at my 7 year old cussin's house,her name is tessa.and we wanted to scare her little bro his name is conner he is we went over to him and asked him if he wanted to go to a magical land with thomas the train(he loves thomas).and he said yes so we put him in tessas room and we said hold on we have to go get the magic dust and while we were out we got a bucket of dead minnows that me and tanner(tessas older bro)used for fishing and we got tanner to help us ripp them open.once we were done we told conner we were coming and we were like put ur hands in the magic dust and he couldnt see cause it was dark so he did and he felt something squishy(minnows)and we told him he had to eat 1 handful of he stuck his hand in the minnows and ate a handful of them!it was so funny(he did NOT like them)lol

ok so theres this girl i dont like at school. She thinks shes better than everyone else so one night i decided to poop in a bag and put it on the inside of the car handle. so when she oped it she would have poop all over her hand. Revenge is sweet! lol
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