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Pee On Head
One time when i lived in my old house, when i was about 4 or 5 years old....i had a nintendo original. Me and my friend were in my room and he was playing it. I have no idea why i did this...but i might of been i peed on his head. Yes, while he was playing my nintendo i just peed on his head. Then he left the room and i forgot what happened after that. Well that's my short story.

Midnight Masked Man
One day i was sleeping over at my friends house and i played the worst prank ever on her. It was realy stormy that night and she had some left over costumes from halloween. later after she fell asleep i put the scariest one on, wich was scream with is nasty look on his face and the phone in his hand. i called her cellphone and i had a voice thing that made it sound different. when i called i said "hi caitlyn im watching you " she hung up and went back to sleep. i ran into her room and i started to say her name lightly caitlyn then caitlyn she woke up and saw me. she suddenly said "I wet the bed." and yeah she did wet the bed all right. i took the mask off turned on the lights and she started to cry while i was laughing it was so awesome.

Roadkill On A Leash
O.K., well this happened so long ago that I can't even remember what this
guy did to piss my sister and I off, I guess it really doesn't take much
to get us going.

This prank took some scouting. It required an item that is not readily
available and none too fun to deal with once you find it. First, a trip to
Wal-Mart to purchase a collar and a leash. Then we started scouting,
driving up and down streets, roads, and highways for hours until we found
what we were looking for. I'm sure you guessed by now that what we were
looking for was roadkill,

Well, when we finally found one, (making sure that it was not too mangled
of course), it happened to be in the middle of a busy highway. So, here we
go, park on the side of the road, get out the garbage bag, and get ready
to brave the traffic. Just our luck, as we're standing there,
contemplating who should do the scooping (yuck!), who should pull up
behind us but the local sheriff. He happens to be a rather fat little man
so in the time it takes him to get out of his car and walk to ours, we've
figured out our story. He asks if we need any help, and with heart broken
looks on our faces, we tell him that it is our dog Bimbo who has been run
over and we would like to pick him up so we can take him home and bury
him. Ya know, there are times when you just REALLY appreciate having the
police around and this surprisingly turned out to be one of those times.
We ended up having the dog scooped, bagged and lifted into the trunk of
the car for us (I love being a girl).

Next step, find someone willing to put the collar and leash on the poor
dog. (We had a few guy friends at the time who were crazier than we were
and would do just about anything, so that was no problem.) And finally, at
around 3:00 in the morning, we pay a visit to our mark. The prank here,
tie the end of the leash around the axle or onto the bumper, whichever is
easiest and most likely to not come loose. Then balance the dead dog on
the axle or wherever you can so that it won't fall off until your "friend"
has driven at least a block or two or hit a good speed bump.

The guy ends up looking like a real asshole driving down main street,
dragging the carcass of man's best friend Fido, possibly even attracting
the attention of a cop or serious animal lover, possibly getting charge
with cruelty to animals. As for our guy, I can't say I know what happened
to him, by that time we were home in bed.

Lamp Slap
I leaned a self-standing lamp over my sister, Maddie, when my mom told me to wake her up. I did this because she was partying the night before and I knew she woud try to hit me. So I tap on her back and swings at what she thinks is my head (she is half asleep) and slams the back of her hand into the lamp.

Gum Under Alarm Clock
One time i put gum under someone's clock and when they tried to pick up the clock it wouldn't come up.

Salty Toothbrush
One time my sister was getting me in trouble all the time. So i decided to sprinkle enough salt on her toothbrush so she wouldn't notice so i never got to see her face when she brushed her teeth but this morning i heard her yelling about the taste on her toothbrush. - Jerrack

Bloody Finger
I went to a trick shop and bought a fake blood finger and i brought it to school and blamed a kid that he cut my finger and he was almost gonna get a detention.
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