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Wine glass tether
I was at a military ball, where drinks were served in nice little wine glasses. Each person was given 2 glasses: one for water, and one for tea. I noticed little ribbon streamers were present on the table, so when my com padre went up to go dance, I used the streamer to tie the two glasses together. When he came back to get a drink of water, he picked up the water glass, and the streamer tether made tea spill all over his uniform. It was hilarious beyond belief!

No Salt
I was at a restaurant when suddenly I got a mischievous idea. My friend (who accompanied me at this restaurant) likes to put salt on his food, and I wondered what would happen if I made his salt shaker malfunction. So when he went to use the restroom, I opened up the salt shaker, covered the opening with a napkin, closed the shaker back up, and tore off the excess napkin so you didn't know the opening was covered. When my friend came back, he tried to use the shaker, but nothing came out, even though he could see salt in the glass shaker. I chuckled.

to funny
Me and a friend were talkin to my boyfriend on the phone and before we had decided to pull a prank on we told him that we got in a fight with this sophmore at skool and we got sent to iss...then after skool we had to rush home to answer the phone incase the skool called and we told them that we had to pretend to be our parents and we had to hire some ppl to come in to skool and pretend to be our parents...then we told him that we got in so much trouble for that fight that we had to go to bolivar...this story went on for two days and he actaully believed us until we told him a week later that we were just kidding and my friend and i were like do u seriously think we wud have to go to bolivar if we got into a fight at skool

Not ur Momma!
Ok, me and my sis were in Target, and we said "Hey mom, can we go look at sum snacks?" My momma said "sure." So we went and looked, and when we went to go find our mom, I spotted this lady with the exact same haircut as my mom, since my sis ALWAYS is mean to everybody, I said, "Cali, go over there and ask mum for this." she said 'watever." She went ovr to this unknown lady and hugged her and said "Mummy can we pleaseeeeeeeee have these cupcakes?" She turned around and said "Um...I'm not ur mom." My sis came back with a look on her face that was just sooo funny!

Puppy dog eyes
I was bored another day and so my little miniature pincher came trotting over to me with a sort of smile on her face. So, since I'm so cruel, I scared my dog the next hour later. I hid were the foot rest of my couch is and jumped out and barked/growled. She turned her head, made her eyes REALLY big wimpered and ran! I caught her and said was sorry and then she forgave me!

The mask
One day I had nothing to do really. So I hid at the top of the steps and put on this very realistic scream looking mask. And my older brother came walking up the steps, I jumped out and scared him.And at the bottem of our steps is a glass window! So he screamed a very high pitch scream and fell down the steps and cracked the window. His face was all red and his vision was blurred. So when I came down the steps to see if he was alright, he punched me in the face(because he thought I was scream) and I fell down the rest of the stairs!It was fun actually!

Well , Me and my best mate Alisha were sitting on the my sofa reading magazines and our other friend Kelsey was about to sit down but me and alisha grabbed a needle and stood it up . Kelsey sat on it and screamed so loud she popped our ears Lol . . She cried at first but then she saw the funny side lol

Could i have a pizza please ?
Well .There was Me and my two best mate ( Natalie and Leanne) and we were really really bored . so leanne suggested we should do prank calls so we rang the pizza shop and we said 'um ello i wud like a dilivery please'
the operator on the other line said back ' yes what wud you like ' we said ' a 12 inch pizza and a bottle of diet cock please ' but instead of giving the person our address we give her this gurls address from skwl coz we hate her so much.And the nxt moring when we went to school we asked did you have a good pizza last night . she shouted at us and said ' IT WAS YOU WHO PHONED FOR THAT PIZZA !'
we were laughing out heads off because it was so funny!!

By Leah x

ronald mcdonald
one me and my friend were so bored until 12-1 oclock then are friend called and we picked up and said mcdonalds cathy speaking how may i help then they hanged up it was so funny after they called back and said mc donalds has a number just like ours this is also good with papa johns and block buster lololololololololololololololol

The Best Prank EVER
One day me and my friend didnt like this girl so we decided to prank call her but it wasnt pretty because her mom answered the phone and we hung up on her!!! she got really MAD!!!and wasnt happy.the next day we told our friend and she told her mom and didnt want to be friends with her so we were mean to her!!! REALLY MEAN!!!
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