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Water Hole
One time I poked a tiny hole in my brother's bottle of water. And I put my finger over the hole while I filled it up with water. Then I put the cap on really tight and took my finger off the hole.My brother took his water to his basketball game. So during half time he took a sip and it squirted all over the front of his shorts.He was so mad and it looked like he peepeed on himself. So during the hole game he had to play with water over the front part of his shorts.

The End

The Bucket Dump
So this one time I'm sitting in my house and my friend comes over. Because I live in a log cabin on a farm in Wyoming, we have lots of pigs and cows around. So I told my friend to wait in my room and make himself at home. I went out and told him I was going to use the bathroom, which I did eventually. I took a dump and put it in a bucket. I went out back and gathered all the pig and cow crap and put it in the bucket. I placed it on top the door like you would with a bucket of water and told my friend to come outside. The bucket landed right on his head and poop was covering him from head to toe. Then my dogs came and pissed on him like a fire hydrant. It was hilarious. I haven't seen him since, but wierd things have been happening around my place like squirrels and pigs turning up dead on my doorstep, oh well.

8th Grade Trip
A few years ago my 8th grade class went on a trip to washington. We stayed in a hotel. To make sure we wouldn't leave out rooms they placed a piece of tape across the door. My friends and i wanted to leave the room around 3 am but we did not want to get get caught. So as we left and went down the hall we ripped the tape off of every rooms door. They were not able to find out who left. It was sweet.

Squash Tournament
I play squash, and one time my mom was on the phone. After she hung up, she told me to get in my squash gear on becuase I had a tournament. She told me that that was my coach on the line, and that he said it started in 10 minutes. I was running around, brushing my teeth, getting dressed, getting my racquet and everything while my dad was yelling at me for not telling them about the tournament. I kept telling him that I had no idea there was a tournament, but he didn't listen. I was so worried and anxious. I felt horrible. After we all hopped in the car, my parents started laughing, and they shouted, "APRIL FOOLS!" That was the best prank that has ever been pulled on me. - Connor

Fake Lottery Ticket
Hey, I am Julia and I am from Edgewater, New Jersey. Recently, my mom and I went to this store called Spencers. There we bought a package of fake scratch off tickets that are always winners. ($10,000) We decided to put the scratch off ticket in my older sister's birthday card. This is not really an unusual gift for a birthday in my family. So my sister opens the card that has at least 20 scratch offs and this one fake one. She scratches the fake one and it of course is a winner. She is so happy and is jumping up and down and without noticing that my mom and I are really laughing, she drives to the local convienant store. There, the men at the counter tell her to read the back that says "money can be collected in fantasy land" !!! Haha she was so bumbed out!

Cockroach Sandwich
Once when I was at a restaurant I had a fake coacroach in my pocket and I ordered a sandwich and when I got the sandwich islipped the bug in it then when the waitress came by I said " can I have another sandwich, this 1 has a bug in it and I pointed to the bug and she laughed! - Sydney

Sheet Seat
One time on a church trip we were playing a game where you come up with the best pick-up line and when my freind came in we had taken a chair out of a row of three and covered the other to with a sheet so it looked like there were still three and when he went to sit down by the girlafter his pickup line the two people on the sheet that were holding it firm got up and my freind hit the ground it was sooooo funny.

Hot Chair
Once I took a lighter and when my teacher wasn't in the room I heated up her seat till' it got really hot, finally when she came in and sat down she jumped right up because of the burning heat of the chair.

Holiday Inn
So my cousin and I and my older brother are all tight and love hanging out and used to do it often. This is one of my excperinces at my dads with my cousin my older brother and I, we rented a room at Holiday Inn which happen to be the suite! which has the kitchen and huge tub inside which is pretty damn cool. So previous to renting this room we bought tons of food because we had teenagers staying there. Upon buying this food we bout crackers and canned cheese. Later that night we had the front of the suite which had a bed for two and of course we were all 3 going to stay up late becuase what else better did we have to do, so at 12ish we all began to get tired but told one another that whom ever fell asleep first was going to get it!, and of course my older brother fell asleep first so my cousin and i snuck into the kitchen and got that cannned cheese and then snuck back and waited to make sure he was still asleep. then watching him from the comfortable bed becuase he had to sleep on the floor with the hotels pillow and his brand new Hurely sweater. We then spuirted tons of cheese in his mouth and he just made a weird noise with mouth and rolled over and then rolled back over after smearing it all over the innocent white pillow ( that wasnt ours) lol and then we opned his hood and sprayed ginoumrous amounts in there and he again rolled over and the hood stuck to his head like glue. My cousin and i didnt think anything of it and giggled and went to sleep not knowing the meaning of karma the next morning. hell it was. was so have fun and play fun pranks at the "Holiday Inn".

Pissy Night
Ok ok so yeh one time at a party my friends fell asleep and two other of my friends took a bucket of water and poured it on their sleeping bags and they woke up the next morning and they were like oh my god we pissed in our beds, and they were so embaressed. So for the next 4 years whenever we brought the party up they were like "shut up about the stupid part it wasn't fun!" na na na na na na ha ha ha ha he he
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