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Chain Reaction
Well, I was recently at our annual church youth group camp, and a lot goes on here. It turned out this year that our church had to share dorms with another church, so the possibility of a prank was 100%. It all started when we picked a friend of ours from the other church, took all of his stuff, and ceran wrapped it to his bed after he left early for the evening service. We left, afterwards, and kept to ourselves. When we returned to the dorms, we and the guy we pulled the prank on were the only ones there. We decided to take the prank further and tell hime someone else did it, and not us.

He continued to take some duct tape, and duct taped our 'victm's' mattress and stuff to the wall. Then he took a soccer balll and a hat of the mattress victim, and put them in two other rooms that his church had. Then he duct taped their beds together and threw their clothes all over the room. Not too long after this everyone had returned to find everything a mess. The other church called security, but in the end we had a good laugh about the entire thing. The security scare only added to the whole thing. I for one am glad that I had a part in starting the whole thing. By the way, we have pictures that one of the kids from our church took, sorry I dont have them myself.

I've had this one friend like ever since i was 5 years old. Well she made me mad all the time telling rumors about me in school. So i wanted to get her back by doing something that would make her think that she was getting in trouble. So that night I went to her house and spent the night. While she was sleeping i put this loud beeping thing in her purse , that was supposed to go off at a time i set it at, so when we went to the mall the next day it went off on her and she thought the alarm for the store was going off. She thought someone slipped something into her purse.It was so funny seeing her look around to see if someone stole something!

Kitty Patty
One time me and three of my friends were bored so we decided to mess with my friend eric. We started brushing my friends cat until we had a ball of cat hair about the size of a baseball. We then mixed the hair with maple syrup and formed it in a plastic bag. We call this a "kitty patty". Anyway we went over to erics apartment and took the patty out of the bag and wedged it under the driver's side door handle on erics car. We then climbed on top of a garage across the parking lot. I called eric and told him to come over to my house come hang out. 10 minutes later eric walks out to his car to drive over to my house and as he opens the door, he get most priceless look on his face I have ever seen. I mean seriously, this stuff looks, feels, and smells disgusting. As we muffle laughed eric cleans up his car (and himself) and speeds off...not to my house instead we watch him drive over to the gas station across the street. He runs out of the store with 2 cartons of eggs and speeds off towards my house. Uh-oh. We all run like hell to our car to try and beat eric to my house so we can hide our cars before he destroys them with eggs. As we near my house he sees us and a car chase ensues. We're driving a ford expedition and this thing is a tank. I think its like the second biggest car on the road. Anyway we pull into my friend chris's driveway who is also in the car with us. We decided to pull into chris's garage and close it before eric can pull over and start throwing eggs. We proceed into the garage at like 30 miles an hour and I hear loud noise and crunching. The expedition was too damn big for the garage and we ruined the garage door. Oh yea, eric salaved the kitty patty and I find it in my bookbag the following monday, after it had a weekend to sit. He also egged everyone elses car eventually.

Snackbar at Walmart
Once I went to the snackbar at walmart and grabbed some barbeque sauce packets,so I lied and said I had to go to the bathroom. Once I got there I took out the barbeque packs from my pocket. Perfect counting I had 2 for each stall which is exactly what I needed, so I put 2 under each lid where those bumps are, then to my luck someone went in one of the stalls before I walked out. Next thing I know someone screamed "WHAT THE HELL,WHAT IS THIS SLIMEY CRAP ALL ON MY LEGS & IN MY PANTS!!!!!!!!!!!" Did I mention he was a senior citizen which made it extra funny all because of the possibility that he probably was old enough to crap himself!!! So anyway he said "Oh no! Marth was right, I need the elderly men diapers!" I laughed so hard I couldn't breathe. I got out of there as fast as I could. When I returned my parents asked me what was so funny. Of course I couldn't answer because I was laughing so hard. Then a piece of hamburger that I had orderd shot out my nose.It landed in my little brthers chili fries. Although he was to busy scafing down his meal to notice.He ate it right up. So, I went back to the bathroom since all that laughing made me have to go pee. But if you knew me you'd know I can't let an opportunity to pull a prank slip by. So I made a quick trip to kitchen wear, there I picked up some Suran Wrap,put it in my hoodie, and ran to the bathroom.Now I know it says "No items beyond this point" right as you enter the bathroom but with a hoodie it's easy to slip by with as long as you keep your hands in the big pocket.Once I got in I quickly put it over the bowl under the lid. Then ran out & pretended I had forgotten to leave it outside the bathroom. You know how the bathrooms are always near layaway, well,to my luck some family was at lay away, so I casually walked over to them &pretended to be part of their group. One of the employees walked in and seconds later the guy screamed "Damn, someone made me wet myself, & my shift isn't over till 8:00 pm!!" I ran to my car where my family said they would meet me and got out of there just in time!!!! It was only 3:00pm by the way.

Who is in the shower?
The other day, my sister Stephanie needed to use the bathroom, but someone was in it taking a shower. She figured it was my cousin, Andrew. About 15 minutes later, she checked to see if anyone was in there. Nobody was in there, so she asked Andrew, when did you get out of the shower? He said, "I never was in the bathroom..." so my sister was a little creeped out and I snuck inside the bathroom, turned the lights off, and hid in the shower. She came in, closed the door, and turned on the lights she ripped open the shower curtains to check if anyone was there and I screamed out loud and she got so scared she fell back and hit the wall.

i hate when the telemarketers call people so me and my friend waited untill one called and instead of hanging up we said in unision " chinese take-out you order?" in a phony chinese accent then they said huh? so we said " nonononono mr smith one too many eggroll" lol he started cussing

One time i was really bored and i had just found a bottle of Icy hot in the cabniet. so i spread at least half the bottle of it on the toilet seat in the bathroom. all i needed to do now is find a victim so i askes my brother if he wanted to play truth or dare and he said yes so i dared him to sit on the toilet seat for 5 min. he thought it was no big deal but he soon found out it wasn't when he started screeaming " my butt's on fire cal the fire depo or somthing mom save me" it was so so so funny

Crime Scene
Have a couple of your kids lay in the street (lesser traveled side street works best) in awkward positions and trace the with heavy white chalk. Trace the family dog too! For a cool effect, spatter a bit of ketchup here and there. Then innocently park yourself and the kids in lawn chairs in your front yard and watch how cars will come to a screeching halt as the come upon "the scene."

My kids and I really did do this. I was hilarious!

Cream Cheese Surprise
I just got out of the shower and i was getting my deoderent and i put it on and then i noticed its was squishy. It was cream cheese i new my little brother must have done it. I had to take another shower. But I got him back, instead of puttin shaving cream in his hand and tickling his face i put crap in his hand and tickled him it was hilarious. He had it all over his face. unfortunatly i woke him up with my laughing. didnt get a chance to get a picture.

Lemonhead Surprise
Being up at a Church Girl's Camp can make a girl go wild. After spending several grueling days with hundreds of chatty little women, I decided it was time to get, well, creative. So I choose to spice things up a bit on our four mile hike. We had already walked two miles, therefore leaving the smaller and younger girls with a meager food supply. So me being so kind and generous, trotted up to one of these girls and offered her a piece of candy, in fact, the last piece I had of my beloved Lemon Heads. The girl took the candy willingly and plopped it in her mouth. I just sat and stared, and waited, and waited. I thought maybe my trick wasn't working...but then, low and behold, the girl shriked and actually almost threw-up! The candy I had given her was filled with a strong garlic center. It was so funny to see this girl gagging, and what made it even better was that she was out of water, so it took a couple of minutes to find someone who had a full bottle. To top the story off too, a Church Leader approached me (I had never seen this woman in my life before) and scolded me for the rest of the hike (no joke) for my actions, then told me that doing a thing like that means I wasn't going to Heaven. It was worth it.
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