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Stupid Note
This was at like 10:00 at night. It was me sister, & my twin. We were all standing in the kitchen talking about the day we had. Well, my sister said she had to go to the bathroom and would be back. Well, when she left I told my twin brother I was going to get a sticky note and put it on my sister's back. So I went into my room and got a sticky note and wrote "STUPID" on it. My sister came back and looked into the fridge with her back to me. I very lightly stuck the note on her back. My brother started to laugh so I punched him in the stomach. My sister turned around and we both smiled really quick. Saying stuff like "Hi," "What are you doing," And stupid stuff like that. We stood there for like 10 minuets laughing and crying until she found out that a note was on her back. Then we did it to our other sister.

- Samantha, age 14

Slippery Doorknob
One time on April Fools Day, I put Vaseline all over my brothers doorknob so when he tried to open it, his hands just kept on slipping. When he went to wash it off his hands, I put more of it on his doorknob.

Morning Bathroom Prank
I knew my brother always goes bare foot to the toilet in the morning because my bedrooms right next to it. So, I put cellophane over the toilet and put the toilet seat on top of it. The next morning I was awoken by shouts of disgust coming from the toilet!

Lost Child.
Most of my friends have known eachother since elementary school although we are now in college. Well, we were going through old photo albums when we stumbled upon a picture of our friend looking quite lost and confused. We headed to the local Kinkos and made hundreds of lost child signs with his cell phone number as the contact. We hung them up all over town and stuffed them in mailboxes. It was pretty much hilarious. He was really mad because he continually received phone calls from people in his neighborhood asking if their family was okay and if they needed anything.

Shot by a friend
Last year I was bored, so I went on the internet and bought some squibs. Squips are blood packs that explode and look like real gun shots. It took a while to figure out how to get them to work. I got one of my friends from shcool to pretend to mug me. I went to my other friends house. They never met each other. I told my friend that I was going to the store and he came. My freind from school popped out from a corner and screamed " Gimme the fu*king money or i'll kill you!" My friend pissed his pant ( litterally) I pretended to fight the gunmen but I got shot three times. y friend started crying when the gun was pointed at him. He doesn't like me very much anymore.

Pen Zap
Once I went to my friends house and she said she needed me to sign something and when she gave me the pen it zapped me when I pushed the button!!

The Fridge Zombie
One time, me and my friends played a joke on someone for April Fools day. We phoned 'em up and said 'I`M THE FRIDGE ZOMBIE! EXTERMINATE ME AT EXACTLY 6PM' and I think they might've mistook that for 'I`M THE EXTERMINATOR I WILL DESTROY YOUR FAMILY' and they're probably holdin' a grudge against us 3 months on now.

Knock And Hide
it was about two or three in the morning and i was watching tv in my room and my sister wouldn't shut up because she was on the phone and i know she gets scared it was so dark in the living room. i went to her door and knocked slowly three times and hid cause i knew she would come out. but she didn't she said "hello" like ten times then she said "oh my god i am so scared". I did it again this time she was so scared. finally after a few minutes i ran screaming into her room her expression was priceless.

Shaved Eyebrow
once my mum was sleeping and i was really bored so i got shaving cream and a shaver and shaved off her eyebrows and and bit of her hair and she didnt wake-up but i got in soo much trouble i got banned from everything and my mum couldnt go out for months and it was really funny because i had stuck paper on her back with super glue and it hasnt come off yet lol really funny

Spider Scare
One time, I took a fishing line and a little tiny piece of a knitting ball a size of a penny
and tied the fishing line on the knitting ball to make it look like a spider hanging from its web.
I hung it above my moms door where her face length is about at.Then, my mom got up
she started walking to her room. When, she got to her door she jumped because, she seen a spider hanging from its web above her door.
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