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Pie in the Face Prank
i worked at a retail store overnight where our favorite boss was being transferred to denver. we had a going away party for him. as i am a very quiet person, i was elected to give him a pie in the face as he would never suspect. shortly after our lunch that night, i went to the frig, [located behind him] and offered dessert to everyone, and as i rounded the corner of the table, threw the pie in his face!!! then we presented him with a new shirt and plenty of paper towels.

Face First Fall
I woke early one morning and took out my dad's fishing line. I put a nail on the two walls making our hallway. Then I wrapped fishing line around both of them to make a trip line. Then I placed a bucket in front of it with dog poop, worms and ranch dressing. Then my dad came down the hallway, saw the bucket and tried to go over to it to see what it was. But he tripped over the line and he went facefirst into the bucket. I got in major trouble but it was worth it.

Bathroom Ketchup Prank
the begining is original but the rest isn't. One school day i only ment to put a kechup packet under the toilet seat thing, but here comes the freaky part, after Friska sat on the seat the ketchup sprayed at the door and shot back at her and went in her mouth, she is really allergic to ketchup. she couldnt come to school for the rest of the year, I NEVER TOLD ANYBODY I DID IT!!!!!!

Scared My Mom
It was about two or three in the morning and i was watching tv in my room and my sister wouldn't shut up because she was on the phone and i know she gets scared it was so dark in the living room. i went to her door and knocked slowly three times and hid cause i knew she would come out. but she didn't she said "hello" like ten times then she said "oh my god i am so scared". I did it again this time she was so scared. finally after a few minutes i ran screaming into her room her expression was priceless.

Hotel Sucks
When I went to a hotel I went to the bathroom and unpacked I went into the bedroom and i saw some gum on the bed when i got and ate it and it was eltict gum and i went on the bed and my friends switch the mattress with a water bed so I fell over and he sprayed with fart spray and dumped lemon juice and baking soda.

Scary Moment
One very normal weekend on Summer vacation turned into the scarriest moment in my life. I was babysitting for my uncle one Friday night so he could go to a friend's birthday party. In the house there was me, who is 13, my cousin, who is 9, his friend who is also 9, and my other cousin who is 4. It started as a very normal night. Me and my aunt made boobie cake for their friend and my uncle took a shower and got ready. Once they left, we started having a lot of fun. We watched t.v., and played on the computer until we all got bored. It was around midnight when we all decided to go for a long walk. When we got back we cranked up the music and all of the kids started dancing on the pooltable. My cousin who is 9 convinced his little brother to go streaking through the house and chase us around. We were all having so much fun when a very large and muscular man rushes through the door. He yells at us all and tells us that he has a gun. There was only one kid on the pooltable. He yelled at him to get off of the pooltable and told us all to get down on the ground. My llittle cousin who is 4 didn't listen to him. He yelled at my cousin who is 9 to turn off the music. He asked us where the money was at. He also told us to give him anything, food stamp cards, credit cards, etc. I had 10 dollars in my bag but I didn't want to tell him because I was going to go see Korn in concert and I wanted to buy a shirt there. My cousin also had some money. We were all very scared thinking to ourselves that we were all about to die when we heard laughing and saw my aunt and uncle come walking from the door way. The man was actually their long time friend Grant. We didn't realize till about 30 minutes later that it was a prank. Grant told my aunt and uncle that they should tripple whatever they paid me for making us go through that. After the whole thing was over we were thinking how stupid we were and should have got the money because the money was in different rooms so we could have gotten a phone or some kind of weapon.

Watch out for mud!
Well ok, My sister never is with us on the weekend so I thought it would be cool to go to the Swapmeet ((Which is a huge yard sale for people that dont know what it is. Anyway so I was walking along this path where there is alot of grass and a steep little hill. The day before it rained and this place has bad sprinklers so it was soaking wet. So I told my sister that she had to walk that one path as she did she had her friend with her....double the points...The friend fell first and then along went my was so funny as the back of her pants looked like she pooped in her pants from the mud!

Saran Wrap In Restroom
My friend and I thought that we were due for a few laughs (this was during exam week) so we decided to set up pranks on every stall in the restroom during break. We put itching powder on the toilet paper and on some of the seats. We covered all the bowls under the seats with Saran Wrap. We put glue on some of the other seats, and Icy Hot on the rest. After hiding in a stall for a while listening to people's reactions, we realised that we had a free period next so we snuck into the teacher's restroom and did exactly the same. We made up excuses to hang around outside and watched them all come out. We were never caught.

Cops Show Up
One time i was at my cousins house and no one was there but my cousin Lisa and her friend Casey and I. I made a joke when we heard a little noise and i started freaking out saying how someone was in the house and i heard them running around when i really didnt. Lisa got so frightened she took the phone into the bathroom and called the cops so my aunt wasn't to happy to come home to 10 cop cruisers outside with rifles pointed at the house and cops all around the house.

Plastic Bag Under Toilet Seat
ok so my friend always uses the bathroom when he sleeps over my house. So i decided to put a plastic bag under the toilet seat. So he took forever in the bathroom, and i knew why. So like 10 minutes later he comes out and he's like "Dude, someone put a bag in the toilet, and i didn't see it and i did the bathroom." i was cracking up and almost fell on the floor. He got mad at me for that day but then he forgot about it.
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