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Gatorade Pee
My friend told me this one. He and some of his buddies peed in a Gatorade bottle. Then they went up to a friend and told him that they would pay him a dollar if he drank it. they told him it was Gatorade that had ben in the car for days and that it was hot. the friend drank it then he spit it out and yelled " IT'S PEE!". it was funny. they never paid him either.

Fun At Walmart
Well, when it's just me and a few friends and we are absolutely bored we head down to Wal-Mart and you know shop and stuff, look around, cause trouble...The usual...We begin by grabbing a few carts and filling them with all different kinds fo stuff, then when they're ridiculously full we leave them in the different and then go to the sporting goods section and ask this one dude with a british accent and speech impediment that works there where stuff that we clearly know they dont have is, and where we can get it, while we laugh behind his back...then this is where it's good.. we head out and before leaving purchase a chocolate Powerbar energy bar. Not only are they disgusting, but they magnificantly resemble a turd. with this in mind we roll them up into a piece of shit and leave it outside the door and watch people step on it and kids poke at it and people ride over it with their carts, and then the old disgruntled people who find it offensive. we then laugh at everyone as it sticks to their shoes and the wheels on their cart as they clunk along and have to peel it off. we usually sit there until someone shopping complains and has to clean it up! it is great!

Vacuum Prank
My brother, sister, and I were at my grandma's house. We ate those peanuts that come in the shells and we made a huge mess. So I decided to get the vaccuum and clean up. I cleaned sucsessfully. Then I left the vaccuum in that room. Later on my sister went to sleep on the recliner. My brother looked at me and then the vaccuum. I knew his idea right away. He plugged in the vaccuum, brought it to the recliner, and gave it to me. I put the nozzle close to my sister's cheek and turned the vaccuum on. I moved the nozzle closer. She woke up from the sound and she was trying to move her face but it was so quick that I sucked up her cheek and left a mark for three days!!

Shampoo Swap
Well my sister was really getting on my nerves . She wouldn't stop going on and on about how she had a date with the most popular boy in school. So i decided to get back at her and swapped her shampoo for purple hair dye. She was in such a rush she didn't even notice til she was about to leave. She still went on the date but needless to say it didn't go too well and he didn't call her back. Her hair was purple for the next two weeks it was hilarious. Tottaly worth the two weeks allowance i lost.

Why are they laughing at me?
hi im matthew and i had the worst prank played on me.

it was christmas 2002 and i was doin my song (dammit) on guitar and my pic had fallen in so i went to get it out. i finaly got it out but then i realized every one was laughing at me and i wondered why and i realized....

while i was wound up getting my pic out my freind had a toy pooing monkey toy and he had pulled the crap out and was puting it all over me but unfortunatlie he had a bag of flour......

Prank At Summer Camp
I work at a summer camp, and every year the staff at each of the two camps prank each other, this year my side of the valley decided to take Christmas in July to the extreme. First we lit up the boathouse and the dining hall with over 3 miles of Christmas lights. Put up a Christmas tree with ornaments and wrapped up these boxes of bug wipes (think like bug spray) which we in competition to give away. Made stockings with each of the staff member's names on it and put coal in each one. And as Icing on the cake, we made a big sign (4' x 6') it was green and had in red letters welcome to camp Christmas Dobbins, (the name of the camp we pranked was Cris Dobbins.) On top of all that we set it up in under 2 and a half hours in the middle of the night and finishing things off by caroling in their staff camp at 3 in the morning.

A Fake Robbery
ok so one time me and one of my friends pulled a prank on my friend's sister. the sister was having a sleep over and had a bunch of friends there with her. so me and my friend put on burger masks and pretended to go there and rob the place to scare them. when we were seeking up to the house a cop car was passing by and thought we were gonna rob the place and started questioning us and we told him what we were doing and he let us go. when we got to the house we scared some of the people so bad one wet her pants and the other had to go home crying

What is this picture?
okay well I was just upstairs on the computer when my sister came to the bottom of the stairs and said "kaylee, dad wants to see you". she was looking really serious so I thought 'oh my god, what have I done now'? So I went downstairs and my dad said "kaylee, what's this on your phone?" I looked at my phone and it looked like there was a picture of a bum on my phone. i immediately said, I've never seen that before, honest. I was starting to get really worried when my dad burst out laughing and said just kidding. he had taken a picture of his knee joint of his leg when it was bent so it looked like a bum.

Cling Film Toilet Seat
I was 11 years old and I was watching Tracy. she a gave me a idea of putting clingfilm on the toilet seat.I went and put cling film on ther tiolet seat and went downstairs. the next minute my sister went to the toilet and she fell for the joke.It was so funny I almost wet myself!!!

Freezing Water and Flour Bucket Prank
Ok so Iím over at a mates house with a couple of other guys. And one guy is in the shower. So we get a huge bucket of freezing water (iceblocks and all) and a bucket of flour. We ran into the bathroom and dumped the cold water over the shower curtain. Then when he pulled over the curtain to see what the hell was going on, we threw the flour all over him. He was trying to scrub it off for hours.
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