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bum in face
well i was over at my friends house at a party and we decided to play a prank on one of the really annyoing girls there. And we did. First we blindfolded her making sure she couldnt see then i put my elbows and hands together and rubed her face in my arms,[it looks and feels like a bum] then i stood up on a box so that my bum was in line with her face, the n i undid my pants a little and when they took the blindfold off she thought that she had her face in my bum.[you have to be pretty fat to do this prank.

Revenge On Husband
Last year I got married. My husband has been pulling pranks on me since the first day we met, which i found kinda cute. Well for years I told him i was going to get him back, well i finally did on our wedding day at that. I had my bridesmaids help me out. They got one of their friends in on it. At our wedding when they say speak now or forever hold your peace etc.. My bridesmaids friend came in and interupted out of nowhere " Wait whats going on here? Who is she (meaning me)?" I acted completely clueless the looks on our guest faces was absolutely priceless, as well as his. He didnt say anything he looked completely confused! She then began saying things like what about last weekend? I thought you loved me? I said to him " Who is this Woman?, and Why is she here?" Eventually about five minutes of this I turned around, and said " I told you I would get you back!" Everyone started to laugh and we proceeded with our wedding! 'Till this day he dares not to play a joke or prank on me!

Sticky Gum Prank
Ok, im at my friends house at a party. Then our enemy came in. We wanted play a prank on him. So we got a chair and put really, really sticky gum on it. We painted it brown like the chair so he won't notice. I told him to come over and let's talk. He sat down and felt sticky junk all on the chair. He tried to get it out for days.

Graveyard Bloody Mary
Once my friends where hanging out in the school's graveyard at night doing bloodymary. I knowing that kind of thing is a bathroom thing stayed behind and waited for them to be done. Once they where silent and where waiting for something to happen I come waving my hands above my head and scare the heck out of them

Shaving Cream Douche
10 cans cheap shaving cream (aerosol)
1 liter liquid nitrogen (Edmund scientific)
1 Friends Car (small cars like minis or economy cars work better)
2 Tongs
Thick elbow high rubber neoprene lined gloves

Take one shaving cream can and dip into liquid nitrogen (be sure to wear gloves and eye protection) using tongs
Use other tongs to peel off the metal and plastic packaging
Throw into unsuspecting friends car about one half hour before he usually uses his car.
Repeat 10 times.

When you freeze the shaving cream cans you freeze everything including all of the pressure, so as it melts the pressure is released into the car thus pressurizing it. The half hour part comes into play because cars are not air tight, so pressure will be leaking out. Now do not worry about friend seeing the shaving cream, because all of the windows will be fogged up do to pressure, so when he opens up the door (SPLAT)! Shaving cream everywhere. Just make sure he has either done something really deserving of it, or can take a really good joke, my friend was very light hearted, and always had a filthy car, so after he cleaned out the shaving cream it smelled clean and fresh.

Night Madness
One night my dad was outside I walked out there in a mask and he spilled his beer and he fell.

Fun With AIM
This guy was bugging me on AIM because my brother used it to talk to him and he didn't know who it was, so I decided to have a little fun. I knew him, so I had an advantage. I said that my name was Angel and I was from Brazil. I got a picture of a Brizilian girl and sent it to him. We talked in Spanish for a while, both of us were using the google translator. I told him I was on vacation where he lived and said that I was going somewhere I knew he was that weekend. I then told him I was going to look for him there. My brother talked to him right after I stopped talking to him and he said that he was talking to this hot Brazilian chick and her boobs were huge. After that, my brother said that it was Ashton Kutcher and he had gotten Punk'd. Now, he thinks he's gonna be on the season premiere!

Shocking Pen
I once received a ton of pranks in the mail from my grandma for my birthday. It included several things and my favorite, a shocking pen. I took it to school the next day. I asked my teacher to see how we could trick the whole class. Which is about 15 students. So, he told them that we were planning a Finals Day Party for when we presented our yearbook finals we could eat. So everyone came one by one to sign what they would bring. Everyone fell for it, and I couldn't stop laughing. The funniest one, was when a girl kept on pressing it, wondering why it didn't extract the pen, although it was shocking her. Her face was hilarious!

Phone Prank
here is one for the phone prank. When a telemarketer calls you answer in a slow deep voice Hello(since most telemarkters phones only connect when someone says hello)then the name of your city ie: Montgomery creamatorium you kill em' we grill em' today's special human thigh 1.29 a lb. Have not been called back 1 time since doing this for the past 5 yrs

At camp me and some buddies turned a flashlight on and put it in this guy sleeping bag. then we covered his head and turned it towards the light. then we all yelled truck and we hit him over the head with a pillow. he started freaking out.
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