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numbing liquid
ok I was with a few of my friends, (all guys) I'm your typical "tom Boy" and I had just got back from the dentist. They gave me this numbing liquid for my cavity, and a great idea sparked my imagination that afternoon in the cafeteria as I watched Bobby (my friend) take a sip of his cold soda. Of coarse it was instinct. I poured maybe half of it into the drink, (the ammount poured was unintentional). A couple of my other friends were in on it as they watched. After the first sip we were laughing hysterically, as drool, and slobber fell from his lips. Almost as though those lips didn't exist. It was pathetically sad to hear him talk for the rest of the day. Especially when the teacher called on him. He couldn't pronounce anything, and his mouth was uncontrolably dripping wiht saliva. It was quite a scene. I will never forget the moment I cursed Bobby of highschool humiliation. But you know what they say "DONT GET MAD!! (get even)

bulldog clip art drama
My year had just gone upto year 10 in school and we was starting our gcse's and everyone was making a big deal over what classes they were in etc. I took art and none of my friends did so i thought i wouldn't know anyone. When i got there i was right. But straight away we got a seating plan and i sat next to this girl jennifer. She was so bossy and i really took a dislike to her, so one lesson we was painting and she put paint in my hair so i took some white paint and accidentaly/on purpose!! fell over and poured all the white paint onto her!! she was so shocked but she didnt have a go at me any more!!

foot fungus
i didnt like this kid that was going to a party i was going to . it was a sleepover so i deciended when he went to brush his teeth i would use foot fungus cream as toothpaste . well it worked .

Fake Cops
Me,brian,hannah,keaton,joe,and blain pulled the biggest prank ever. we were at keatons house for his friends birthday party. well me and the people i named above went to the neighborhood pool before the party and came up with the idea to act like blain and joe were cops arresting me brian hannah and keaton for posseion of weed. everyone at the party had weed on them and there were about 15 people there in all. well me brian keaton and hannah ran to keatons house where the party was at actting like we were running from the "cops" that had busted us smoking at the pool. we all ran up to the house and brian runs inside to hide from the "cops" and to get everyones attention in a sense. everyone was freaking out because they saw him run inside like he was scared out of his mind. he told them the cops caught us smoking at the pool and we ran from them. well blain and joe had these military looking outfits that resembled cops and blain drove a jeep cherokee. while brian was inside the rest us were outside acting like we were being arrested. brian comes out of the house and the whole party followed him to see what was going on. when they came out keaton was in the jeep like he was in handcuffs and me and hannah were being questioned and searched. everyone at the party was standing around scared out of their mind. blain the head cop asked brian to come here so he could talk to him. well he did and they were talking then brian started yelling and cusing at him. blain was acting calm to get him to be quiet and in the mean time i take off running down the street. joe chases me and tackels me to the ground and restrains til blain could help him get over to the car. when they got me to the car they pushed me on the hood searched me then handcuffed me and put me in the jeep. they continued to talk to brian and calm him down but brian was "pissed" so he pushed blain and then they got into and were wrestling around on the ground until blain restrained him with the help of joe. while the other people were standing in the drive way watching blain told them to go in the house until we were done outside and hell come in and talk to the parents. well two guys wouldnt go inside and were being smart to blain so blain tells them to come here so he can talk to them. he shines the flashlight in their eyes talks to them and then searches them both. he doesnt find anything on them so he told them to have a seat on the ground and not to move. keatons mom the owner of the house comes outside and talks to blain about everything. now she already knew about the plan but keatons grand parents were there and had no idea what as going on so we not only got the kids at the party but the grand parents too thinking that there grandson was being arrested for possesion. this went on for about an hour until they let hannah go because she had nothing on her and put me brian and keaton in the car and drove away as to take us to jail. well we drove down the street for a min then drove back hanging out the window and laughing at everyone outside. they all were pissed and laughing at the same time and said that was the greatest prank theyve seen because it lokked so real and they really thought wre being arrested and they had weed on them to which freaked tem out even more. those were some good times. hope this interested you because it sure did us. Will Stroud

2000 Dollars
I woke my husband in the middle of the night to tell him we won on an instant lottery ticket. He was so excited he didn't check. He stayed up and paced until the store opened up at 7AM. I almost wet myself as he went in & cashed it in. The clerk handed him $2 and he pushed it back saying he won $2000! I was against the door to keep from falling, they thought I was crying! His voice got higher & higher as he argued with the clerk. I was laughing too hard to talk. He grabbed the ticket back from her & the $2 and took me to breakfast as he thought I was so upset. He never believed me when I told him it was a joke, he still thinks they owe us money!

make up while you sleep
when i was at a sleep over there was 6 of us and hannahs step dad was asleep and because he is a really heavy sleepeer we decided to put lipstick,eyeshadow,eye liner,liquid eye line, eye shadow, foundation, and you name it!!!

Alarm clock prank
My brothers always play pranks on me, and I was getting mad. So one Monday, I snuck down to their room and reset the alarm clocks to read 11:46 AM when they woke up. The real time the alarm went off? 3:00 in the morning. The funniest part was when they fought each other to get in the shower. Ahh...memories.

the tattoo
My two best friends and I went out one day to get tattoos. My friend was terrified of needles so we made her go first, so she wouldn't chicken out. After all the pain and aggony we put her through I told her, "You know we're not getting one right?" You should have seen her face. It was priceless. In the end we all got matching tattoos.

The butter and duck tape
One day we took butter and duck tape to my moms work and put glue in bettween the cracks in his doors and duck taped the whole entire car and we put butter under the door knob

Movie Prank
A few days before my sister had watched a really scary movie. She didn't say much about it but I could tell she was seriously freaked out and a little "jumpy". A few days later my sister invites over one of her friends and they go down to watch a movie in my basement. They're about halfway into the movie and it's pitch black so I get this great idea to sneak down there. I keep getting closer and closer until I'm a foot away from my sister's ear and then I yell "AHHHHHHHHH". I have never seen her jump so high in her life.
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