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ok so me and my step sister were really mad at my grandpa so we decied to pull a set of pranks on him. first we took his cup and cut four holes in the bottem and put rotten milk in the fridge so he would pour it into to the cup and it would then come out of the bottom then we put tape around the little squter thingy on the sink so when he turned the water on he was soked. later we tured the shower on beforwe he got in so he would get wet the second he turned the water on after that we flushed both of the toliets in the house and he was scoled by hot hot hot water.after that we therw water ballons on him after that we got in troble and sent to our rooms but i will say it was a fun day

i stole the class hamester and put in mine bacause mine bites and i wanted to trick my teacher...then she got mad at me even thouguh they looked alike.

can you hear that buzz??
this prank is really funny and can get people so wound-up about it. its best to use this prank in school or somewhere that you have to be quiet e.g libery. firstly you have to have a quite recent phone and you download it off of limewire or other filesharing website. its a really high pitch sound that somtimes people cant hear and its so clever because you never no where its coming from!!! i have done this prank so many times and its hillarious. one time i can playing the high pitch noise on my phone the teacher actually turned off all the lights and everything electrical when finally there was a notice in assemble about buzzing noises!!! hahaha!!!!

The Maze Game
Well, this one time, I was watching some videos on YouTube about people getting pranked by the "Maze Game." An idea flashed trough my head as fast as the scary lady on the game.
My friend and I downloaded one of those videos and modified it, so at the end, instead of watching a poor kid get pranked, the person watching the video gets pranked! So I got my cousin to come over and watch it cause I told him how funny it is to watch a little kid get scared and he started watching it. By the end, the lady popped up on the screen and two screams were heard, my cousin and the creepy lady. My cousin ran out of the living room almost crying. It was hilarious!
instead of watching the poor kid get pranked,

big paperball
in class i threw a huge paper ball at the teacher but the whole class said lets throw it together so you will not get in trouble so i put gum and water on my paper ball and is messed up the teachers hair

Keyboard Trick & Hidden Channel Surfing
I simply switched some the keys on the key board. My Mum is a touch typer and was therefore very confused when everything came out in the wrong order.

I have a Universal Remote control on my watch and when the teacher put a video on in school I kept changing the channel.

the Chinese Fire Drill
I don't quite know why it is called that. Anyway..

The victim is on the pot in the dorm washroom. Everyone grabs a bucket (we used the waste baskets from our rooms) and fills the buckets with water. Take a paper bag and set it on fire, toss it under the door into the stall. Yell fire as everyone tosses the water into the stall. Needless to say the fire as well as the victim get very wet.

This one fellow in the house was hit a number of times and took to relieving himself in other locals. We followed him a couple of times and nailed him in many parts of the residence.

Later of course we conspired with our victim to get back at the original instigator of the drill. The guy in the stall had a bucket of water, and when the the instigator tossed the bag in we all hit him.

I filled a ballon with hot tea and put it on my teacher's chair

The night
One night I was with my friend and I went slashing tires and got caught but ran away fasten enogh

teachers gone mad
i was in an alternate class in grade 9 and had brought to school a small device that made a very high pitched annoying kinda ringing in your head sound. it was used to scare off mosquitos. i brougt it to class and it got passed around without the teachers knwing. we hid it in the bookshelf,under teachers desk,and all over the classroom.they told everyone to be quite as they put their ears to the wall saying "its coming from the walls". they even spent alot of money on the light electritions to come in and see if the noise was coming from yhe was so funny.yhe whole class had deention for an hour.the device got lost and no one saw it again.
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