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Cat Food
one day I was haveing a halloween party and me and my friend were makeing treats and we had a evil idea(lolz)to make a treat out of my cat's cat food so we did. When the guest came we toke them out o yeah we also put sprinkles on them. Some of them made faces some spit it out well others were polite and acted like there was nothign wrong with them. Then we told them about it and then took out the real ones.

a good one
Super Glue is an amazing substance. It can cause pain, humiliation,
aggravation, and everything else you can think of. But for this, we will
be using it for locks. Just stick it in the key holes and watch your
parent's tax money go up. (Get back at your mother for bringing you into
this world just by drinking too much wine).

it's a good one, trust me i've done it a thousand times

omg i killed her
i play alot of pranks by myself but this one i needed a partener my cuzin and i were watching porkys 2 when the fake puke part came i remembered that i use to make fake puke on mournings when i rerally really didnt want to go to school i told my cuz then that got me thinking about the time that my aunt on thanksgiving came out with a knife under her arm trying to fool us in thinking that my dad stabed her wellmy cuz and i got a plain white t-shirt and a knife and we cut a hole on the shirt for the knife to go through and we took ketchup and corn syrup and red food dye and poored it all over her while she layed motionless on the floor waiting for our nana to come home during that time i called up my dad and her mom and our friends and made it so believable (it was cuz i wanna be an actress)and i called them all up saying omg with tears and all omg i stabed amber i didnt mean toshe slapped he and i was holding the knife and she kept telling me to do it (they believed me cuz when ppl tell me to do something like hit them cuz they think i wont do it i do) and then i went out side t wait for our nana and i had tears in my eyes and i was shaking with fear (really cuz it was cold) and our nana drove up and asked me what i was doing out side i told her what i told them with a little more to it and we walked in the house and my nana said well just hide the body well the second we got in the house amber ruins it and busts up laughing but everyone else believed it and everyone wanted to kill me!

water prank
I wanted to get my parents because they always make me do dishes so i stuck a rubberband around the faucet sprayer and when they turned on the water they got a little wet

Well, me and two of my freind were sleep over this kids place nd one kid fell asleep nd we screwed him over we put mayonaise on his face and tobasco sauce in his noice he waas freaken out

Michael Myers: The Real Story
So my friend T.J. is a huge scary movie fan. He especially enjoys the Halloween series, and has had a fear of michael myers as long as he can remeber. So on Halloween last year, I came up with a great plan to scare him. First, i went to the local costume store and picked up a michael myers mask. Then i put some raggly old clothes on and grabed a large butcher's knife from my kitchen. I then proceded to show up at his house. I snuck u to his window and looked in. He was sitting at his computer, his back turned to me. I then tabbed on his glass. He looked over, and i showed my knife, and went to open the window, which he had forgot to lock. He freaked out, and started running around in circles around the room, screaming like a little girl. It was the most amazing prank ever!

fone call
i called this girl i hate, disguising my voice, and sed there was a realy big party in four days from 10pm until 2am at my house. but she didnt no it was me and i gave her my neighbor's address. she totaly fell 4 it and showed up at my neighbors house in a pussycat doll outfit (my neighbors are this old couple)!

While you were out
A group of my friends went to visit another friend of ours. We had a lovely night drinking wine and chatting. Towards the end of the night, the hostess, having drank too much, excused herself and went to bed. The rest of us were not really ready to leave. The hostesses sister decided the hostess needed to have a trick played on her for "leaving" the party so soon. We took all of her dining room furniture and put it in the living room. Then we took all of her living room furniture and put it in her dining room. This also included all the pictures and knick knacks. Then we took a large piece of paper and wrote "While you were out............." and went home.

The Call
One time Katie, David and I were really bored so we decided to start prank calling people. David got this really funny idea to call this guy named Jesse who is on probation. He had been drinking beer that night. So we called his mom to make sure he was home. Then we called his cell phone from the sherriff's office and David said "Come out of the house now! You're surrounded! We have a warrant for your arrest!" Well nothing happened. So we got a loudspeaker and went to his mom's house. David turned it on and knocked on the door. David said "Jesse come out with your hands up now! We have a warrant for your arrest! The bar called us about you! We know everything you have been doing!" We even had this lighter that flashed blue and red and had it flashing through his window. All of a sudden a real cop comes down the road and asks us what we are doing. I said "nothing just seeing if Jesse is home." We asked the cops if he could help us out. He said sure. I said "all you have to do is turn on your lights and sirens and say into the loudspeaker Jesse come out with your hand up! We have a warrant for your arrest!" So the officer did it and Jesse ran out the back door and we haven't seen him or heard from him since then! The cop, Katie, David and me were laughing so hard after that and we didn't even get into trouble for any of it!

One night I was out with some friends over a mutual friends house we were having a good time. That was until a girl who I was going back and forth with all week took my drink and walked away! I vowed revenge and finished another bottle and took a leak in it when I was finised. She came back said she couldnt find any drinks so I handed her the tainted bottle she drank it and the reaction was priceless revenge was mine !!!
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