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Powdered office
After my boss left for the day, her office was shut. WE dumped a large container of talcum powder on the floor in front of the door and put a blow dryer to it. It was a huge smoke cloud the next day and she had no idea how it got in her office!

Love Letter
I was writting a letter thet was suppsedly from my 5th grade teacher to the principal and he was married, i got caught because it was being passed vcaround the class room she read it aloud to the hole class because she always didi that to all the love letters. I got In so Much trouble!!!!!!!

talking computer
last week i was in school and i had technology and i thought id have a little fun that day when i got in to class the person who sits next to me goes to the bathroom everyday in that class so i thought it would be funny that when he went to the bathroom i would undo his keyboard and mouse and plug mine in his computer so when he got back i clicked on word proccesor and he started to wonder what was going on and i started typing and i wrote hello jordan welcome back he started flippin out he went to the teacher and stated telling her that the computer was talking to him so the teacher came by and i started typing again and i wrote hello mrs. millian how are you and it got so serious that she called the principal on the phone and then i got caught when the principal got there but it was halarious

Ice Ballons
We would fill ballons with water and then put them in the frezzer until they got real cold. Then would would through them at people. And the got cold and mad. It was funny.

the blood pill
i ate all my dinner and i had my plate emty and i put my fork in my mouth with my blood pill andi went ouch bit the blood pill and pushed the blood with my toung out of my mouth and my mom went what happend what happend and i went up and said i used a blood pill everyone laughed.

My Hair!!!!!!
One Day I Put Glue In My Teacher Comb And I Was Put Out Of School For 3Weeks

Stubborn Penny
Me and my friends were at walmart,and decided to have some fun.We decided to use the old "glue a coin to the ground trick"with super glue,and of course it paid off! pratically evey person tried to pick it up,and after trying and trying they walked away,embarassed.While me and my friends were behind a clothes rack,laughing HISTARICALLY!!

scared senseless
When I was in the sixth grade I lived in a big house that was very old and secluded. One day my bestfriend and I were there alone and as we sat upstairs in my room she began to hear strange sounds. Ofcourse I was used to it and I knew it was just the housed settling but I pretended like I didn't have any clue what the noises were. So finally after about ten minutes of this we went downstairs to check things out. We went into a few of the rooms, or rather, I went into them since my friend was already scared, nothing unusual about those rooms. But then we came to the laundry room which was near the stairs. The room was pitch black and right after I stepped into it I let out the most blood curdeling scream I could muster. I thought this was hilarious but when I walked out of the room my friend was gone. I called her name and looked in the other romms for her, finally I found her crouched in my bedroom closet and she was literally terrified! I hadn't meant for her to get so scared I guess it worked better then I ever thought. I asked her why, when threatened w/ possible mortal danger did she run upstairs when the front door was right there at the bottom of the stairs. I don't remember what she said but I still think it's funny to this day.

i ordered 10 boxes of pizza, but sent it to my friends address! my friend called me the next day and told me about it! she still doesn't know i did it!

school pranks
One time I took a woopie cousion and I set it on my teachers chair. She sat down and it went off, but when she stood up she farted for real. Then I took some powder and put in on my other teachers chair. When he stoob up he had a very white butt
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