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shaving cream
me and my friend put shaving cream on my sisters face when she was asleep :L:

Cotten Candy lip glose
One time i had a sleepover with one of my friends christina. During the night we got bored so we decided to prank my older brother. SO i took my make up kit and we went over to my brother.we didnt want to get him TOO mad so i took my cotten candy lip glose and put some on his nose! It was so funny, he looked like a cat! so the next day we asked him, what did u do with the lip glose on ur nose this morning? He said, What lip glose??? so then me and my friend were laughing histerically! LOL

The hotline lol
well me and my friend were really bored to we decided to prank call (we were home alone) the hotline a guy came up on the phone sayin hello sxy we were like hello and then we said come and meet with us so we gave our next door neghbours adress then we looked the guy came he was very hot! so then the lady next door came on the door hes like t her heya sxy its me the guy on the phone well the ladt started screaming and then her husband came like OMG there was gonna be a fight or sometinhg but the poor guy ran away!!!!!

OMG she called us back!
Okay this happened about 3 years me and my former best friend were really bored. We decided to grab the yellow pages and find a random name and call it. when we did my friend pretended to start crying and she was saying things like "why did you do this to me?" and "Do you hate me?" also "it really hurt me" the women on the other end was desperately asking us what she did but we soon hung up laughing our heads off. Well to our surprise the phone started ringing a few seconds after we had hung up. We looked at the caller i.d. and it was the same name of the women that we had just called!! We were really scared and didn't pick up. She left us a voice mail saying things like "What did we do honey?" and "Are you really hurt?" also "Whatever we did please forgive us." We just decided to ignore it and we started watching TV. Then the doorbell rang we were home alone and where super surprised! We thought that the lady on the phone had called the police and that they were after us! Luckily it was only her sister. But let me tell you, we never prank called anyone ever again!

lies, lies, lies
once, i was SO bored.. so i just called random numbers(like prank calling) and i was asking for jenniffer.. so then, this lady asked me " what number did you call?" so i gave her the number from jenniffer, and she was like " THAT IS NOT ANYTHING LIKE MY NUMBER YOU LITTLE BRAT!!!! STOP PANKING OTHER ADULTS! NOW IM GOING TO CALL THE POLICE!" so then she DID call the police, and some police men came to my house!!! i was so scared so i gave a puppy dog face, and said i didnt prank call nobody.. does it look like i do those things? so, the police men went to the lady's house and took her to court!!! it was just so funny...

Way to go guys
This isn't my story, it's my friends. One day they were at Amy's house. Then they prank called this guy in my class called JJ. They kept hanging up and caling back. Then his dad answered and he apperently has caller Id. He got REALLY mad. He called my friend Amy's house and told her parents. She got her phone takin away for 2 WEEKS! Nice.

all wet
it was april fools day and me and my friend wanted to do a prank on my sister so we hung a bucket of water with a string on it over something. then i put my baseball bat right in front of it and when my sister got home from school I told her I wanted to play baseball with her so she bent down to get the bat and I pulled the string and the water poured on her. It was so funny.

dum jamie
one day me and my friend alecia were at school and it was recess time and i had a fake mouse in my pocket and my worst enemie jamie is afraid of mice and i bumped into her and i put the fake mouse in her hair for a prank and she was acting crazy for a half hour of running.

Chinese Food Prank Call
Me and my friend got bored and we loved prank calling so we did. We called one chinese resturant and we ordered food and told them to hold on. We called another chinese restrurant and told them to wait. Put it three way and ask the first resturant to reread. Then they ask when's delivery. So they start fighting.
TeeHee <33
-by BabiiMuffin <33

Prank Calling In the Same Roof
Me and my friend got bored and we loved prank calling so we did. We were in her room and called her brother who was playing games outside. He was in a very intense game so he answered and we talked to him in a squeaky voice. He got mad but he didn't know who it was. So 5 minutes later when he was getting killed a lot, we called him again. He started yelling, hung up, and we laughed so loud. He came in the room with his face all red.
TeeHee <33
-by BabiiMuffin <33
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