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Prank cop call
My cousin and i got a ticket for speeding. So we went down to the police station to settle it. we argued with the cop for 10 minutes. I called my mom from my cellphone but she didnt answer. Thats when i thought... if i call her from the police station she would deffinately answer. I skipped telling her about the ticket and decided to prank her. I said "Mom, its me Thomas... Marky (my cousin) and me are goin to jail for a long time." She started flippin out then asked for what? I said in a fake crying voice "We were driving to the mall when Marky shot somebody. He blamed me and i blamed him so we are both here". At this point my mother was crying her eyes out. She drove over to the police station to see us laughing about it and we yelled "Got ya!!" She hit me alot and grounded me for 3 months or so!!!

Think Twice before you Game
Ok, I was on a Band trip in Florida and we were staying at a semi-decent hotel. We were holding a Halo 2 tournament in our room. One kid, named Josh, we didn't particularly like, but we needed his controller, because we had more than 4 people wanting to play in our tournament. So here's what we did: I gathered 2 friends of mine and we pulled off a very funny prank. It started out with us walking down the hallway, running into a sponsor for our group. We had her call our room and tell Josh the principal wanted to talk to him. Falling for this, Josh goes out of the room and we lock him out. He bangs on the door screaming, yelling, and cursing all at the same time. We eventually let him back in(because he needed his controller) and we all had a laugh

Flush & Soak
I was at a mental health clinic and had to use the bathroom. They had the older style of toilets perfect for pranking so what I did was to lift the tank lid off and pull the filler hose out and reposition it so that it now pointed out from under the lid toward the next person who flushed, then I replaced the lid.
I then went into the next stall to await a flushee. It didn't take long before this old lady came in, did her business and flushed. uh oh water everywhere! man did she curse, me I hightailed it outta there, I was laughing so hard. And tha's how I made an otherwise boring day more enjoyable

New Cell Phone
My friend had just gotten a new cell phone he kept on braggin about how cool it was and he was passing it around to people to enter in their numbers. When it got to me i put in 911. I told him to press the call button over my name to see if it would work. He did. It was the funniest thing hearing him sounding so despretly to beg them not to send out a squad car. I got punched in the chest. Hard

You're pregnant?
Well it was April Fool's day and I wanted to pull a great prank on one of my friends who usually is the one doing all the pranking, especially on me! Well I got a few friends and my boyfriend at the time to play along with me. Well we all know how girls can make themselves cry almost instantly. So I, of course, used this ability to my advantage and came to school crying hysterically and refused to talk to anyone. Well my friend comes over and pulls me into a different room and asks me whats the matter. I then precede to tell him I'm pregnant and I don't know how to tell my boyfriend or my parents and for him not to tell anyone. of course, as a concerned friend he tells my other best friend, who is involved in this joke. He plays dumb and goes along with it. So at lunch my boyfriend came to eat with me. He acted like there was nothing wrong and had no idea that I was pregnant. So I told him "my news" and he puts his head down on the table and acts upset and nervous and worried. And I begin to cry again. We had him going all day. He was trying to calm me down and help me and he even volunteered to call my parents and tell them for me (which I almost got him to do, but only after I told them about the prank). We decided since he was so clueless as to what was going on that we would let him believe it on until he caught on. So later on that day, being clumsy as I am, I fall flat on my face. Well i decided to use this to my advantage as well and I started to act as if i were in major pain. My friend freaked out and nearly had a heart attack worrying that my baby was going to be damaged or even dead. It got kind of unbearable seeing him so upset. So we told him the truth. He was kinda mad ;P

I'm phsychic!
I had a teacher who was awesome in gradeschool. I beleive I was in 7th or 8th grade. He pulled me aside during the day and told me to learn this code that he has made up. AT the end of the day I had a class with him and other students, and we were going to convince the other students that I was "psychic". For certain letters in the alphabet, they would stand for a certain number. Like, b = 6, r = 8 f = 5, stuff like that. I had learned them all by the end of the day. The end of the day came, and he told all the students that I was phsychic. Of course they didn't beleive, and my teacher told someone to come up to his desk, write a number down, and then he said I'd be able to guess it. So, a kid came up and wrote down a number and only he and my teacher saw it. My teacher would say like, "okay rachel." that was the code that he was beginning. Then he would say something like.. "Julian, quit complaining about your feet" of "Ben, LEAVE the erasers alone." He was so good with this, each letter that each word began with, would be the numbers. he was a crazy guy and could change the tone of his voice all the time unnoticably and he would say the SPECIFIC words in a different tone. I was then able to think.. okay.. he said Julian quite COMPLAINING about your FEET." so that's C, and F. Say c = 9 and f = 5. So Id say.. uhhm, is your number 95? Abd I'd be right, and the kid would totally freak out. By the end of the period, ALL of the class were standing up from with my teacher writing down numbers for me to guess and EVERYTIME I got it right.. as me and my teacher tricked everyone, everyone was freaking out and was truely beleiving I was phsychic. No one ever caught on to our scheme. IT WAS SO FUNNY!

I am here
We all friends went to an excursion.It was late in the night and all were began singing and dancing it lasted till night 1:00 and no one is sleeping.I am getting sleep so i began telling GHOST stories to them after hearing all of them were silent seriously listening to me i told even ghost dance in night and who ever loves to dance ghosts will come to them and they will dance.I told that this place is a haunted one and showed some white shadow(which was arranged by me)and told them "see some thing is moving" all of them were afraid and one by one all began to sleep..Even i slept..In the morning i saw everyone's faces with red eyes they said that they woke the whole night expecting that if they sleep the ghost will catch them...

Ok!,so it was Christmas me an my sister & mom were opening presints:P,at the end me and me mom were saving something speachal 4 my sister,so I gave this card to her she opened it,it was a card that you have to scartch to see if you won $Million$cash(dollors)money.. so my sister scarched it,it said "Congradulations!!! you`v won a MILLION DOLLORES!!!she screamed so loud!!lol I plugged my ears,my mom almost had to leav the room cause it was sooo loud,about 5 minuts me and my mom didnt really wanna do this lol but wat are families 4 lol,So i told her it was fake.....she was sooo mad at me and mom,she was crying like 4 hoooouuuures!!!! like really 4 ever! lol me and my mom felt bad and had butterflies in our stumouch? lol! at the same time lol,well yeah thats the end.wait i almost 4got after she stopped crying she like never talked to us... lol o-wellz :( she does now lol hehe

stupid student
In like, the 4th grade I taped(clear) a thumbtap/needle thing on my teachers chair. So when she was about to sit down someone called her for help on a worksheet we were doing so then this kid came and sat on the teachers chair. The nurse had to take to tap out from his butt cheek.

Halloween Scare
When my friends came over for Halloween, I knew I had to scare them. When Dayoni and Heather went back to thier house to pick up a phone charger, me and Alaina laid our trap. We even called my step-brother, Nick, to come and help us. We called my mom in the house to be on "look-out" but she told us their car was already there. So I started calling their names and when I heard them laughing I got as serious as I could and told them to get in my car. I said that somebody had taken Alaina and was headed to the house. I wasn't sure if they believed me so I went to the car; they were right behind me. As soon as we got in, Alaina screamed in the trees and Nick slammed on the car window. Dayoni and Heather both screamed and jumped to the opposite side of the car. I've never seen either move so fast.
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