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Why is She In Our Car?
My sister is the only sibling I love playing pranks on. So 1 day I got bored, and decided to play a prank on her. I had this mannequin doll. I got a shirt and a whole bunch of newspaper and stuffed it in the shirt, so it could look like an actual form of a human body. When I was done, I drove over to her apartment, where her parked car was. I got out of my car and stuck the doll in my sister's driver seat. It actually looked like a woman was in her drivers seat about to steal her car.

one day i was eating a salad and i was looking at it cause it was moving then i looked for my fork my friend put a bug in it then i ate all of it my friends told me later and i puked everywhere!

"Fake Pass Out"
Ok, one night I had a couple of friends over and I was in the bathroom and I heard one of them coming. So I laid down on the floor like I was passed out! Then, my friend walked in and she thought that I had really passed out and she totally freaked out!

Living in a college dorm, tired of many pranks such as stopping up the drains in the bathrooms to flood the halls, loading the elevators with seats, cushions, and ashtrays designed to fall out when they reached their designated floor, etc... One very humid and hot night I sought revenge on the wing of the biggest trouble makers. The staff at the college had been treating several statutes on the common grounds during the day and they left behind some "liver of sulpher" used for antiquing copper. I borrowed a very small amount (you have to know that this liquid is the stinkiest, smelliest, most rotten substance known to mankind). Late at night, or should I say early in the morning I snuck to their wing hallway, it was so hot most doors were open and they were using fans in the hallway to help move air, a placed just a few drops on the fan and ran like heck. A few moments later the guys from this wing came stumbling out of their rooms, coughing, gagging and some puking...many deploring to know "what is that smell?" There was so much comotion that guys from other wings were wakened by the noise and came to see only to be instantly thwarted by the aroma which was now acting like a vapor barrier. If you crossed that barrier you were subject to instant gag reflex and whatever came up with it... Needless to say, the campus police and the local fire department evacuated the building that morning. Until now no one ever knew, what caused that smell some over 30 years ago. But the result was a success, the prank wars ended many restful nights followed and there was peace, a respectful peace acheived by the one who pulled the ultimate prank.

it was the middle of the night ana i was bored i knew my dad would get up any min to go toilet so i put cling film on the toilet so when he went for a wee it went everywhere

Push or Shall I say Pull?
Me and my freidn were waiting for my mom to get our pizza from the pizza store and it took forever. So we decided to play a prank. There was a store across the street, not sure what store it was. There was a sign that said Push To Open. So we went inside the store and changed the sign by turning it backwards. Now it said Pull To Open. So we waited for about 5 minutes and a old lady came up and she started pulling it. She was pulling it for atleast 10 minutes, she was so frustrated. Then a old man went up to her and pushed it and it opened. We were literally rolling on the floor laghing.

Revenge Is Sweet
This happened while my friends and I applied to be camp counselors during the summer of 2005.I

A girl we all disliked applied for the same job which we applied for; she constantly was an annoyance to the members of the group we all hang out in. The first prank we played on her was when we all had our it was, the camp shower cubicles didn't have hooks to hang your towels and stuff so we all had to sling it across the door..while she was having her shower, we grabbed her clothing and towel and ran off with it..hiding them behind a bush in a secluded area. i guess she was left in the cubicle for ages before some one came in and realized she was stuck without anything to cover herself with.

The next prank we played on her was the best...We squirted toothpaste on her lips and we poured honey all around her sleeping body..we then dragged her mattress out into the open and left her there for the was pure sweet revenge when she woke up with ants and all sorts of bugs crawling around her body.

Eating the Mystery Flavored Gummy Bear
It all started one day in lunch at my high school. I decided I wanted to pull a prank on one of my friends, but I wasn't sure how. I had just recently bought a bag of gummy bears, and immediately an idea hit me. I got out my white-out and started to cover the green gummy bear until it was completely white. I saw one of my friends nearby, and commenced my prank. I told her that this was a new kind of gummy bear; a mystery flavored gummy bear. I told her that two people from our table said it was disgusting, but I thought it was good and needed her opinion. She gladly accepted the white bear and put it in her mouth! After a few seconds she realized it was disgusting and something was wrong. I then told her I put white-out on it, and she said she would never take any food from me ever again.

Greasy Toilet Seat
April Fool's Day, 2000, I was the first one up. My "joke" was intended for my brother. However, he did not get up as soon as my mom did. What I did was, I wiped down the toilet seat with vasoline. I completely forgot about it until my mom went into the bathroom. Before I could stop her, she went to sit down and started to scream.

Okay Here It Goes, at my school, we have this really mean Janitor(Janinator)and she always yells at us for no apparent reason. So after volleyball was over and all the teachers went home cuz it was like 8 we called the Janitor down to the office and convinced her that she was fired, HAHA, she didnt show up at school for nearly a week, afterwards she never even looked at us again lol
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