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I was in spanish class and this girlwho was dumbe looked at me and i said u got a poulaki on your nose. Everyone around me looked and said what is that? I whispered for them to pass it down that it meant penis in greek. So the girl who didn't know what it meant said to the spanish teacher do really have one on my nose. We all started craking up. The teacher said have what? The girl said poulaki. The teacher said are joking with me thats not a spanish word why would you asked that then. She said that I told her that. the teacher said is this true im like no way. I don't know what a poulaki is i could say u have one on your nose too but it wouldn't mean anything. The class laughed. The teacher siad why are they laughing. I said because they find that word funny. She said okay what ever and she conitnued with the lesson.

April fools day
On april fools day me and my class mates all chiped in some money and bought a Whoppee Cushion. Are teacher who sits on her chair with a small pillow on it didn't know we put the cushion underneath the pillow. She sat and there was a huge farting sound. We said april fools and we laughed none stop. She laughed and said that was a good one and then she said she would get us back. Later on for h.w. she put like 50 pages for each yextbook we had. We knew it was a trick so we played a long. Then we were about to leave she said april fools and she said we had no h.w. We said we knew it was fake and she said I thought so.

Peter Answers
I once went on to this online website that claims to be a 'lost spirit'. It was called Peter Answers. I showed it to my friend and made her believe that what it was saying was really true while i was really making it all up right under her nose. She kept believing me until about a month later after i told her.

Under The Bed
One night before my brother went to bed, I decided to scare him. I closed the door to the bathroom and ran the water, so he would think I was in there. I then went into his room and hid under his bed. He came into the room and was climbing into bed, when I stuck my hand out from under the bed and grabbed him. He screamed bloody murder.

I've been planning something funny and sneaking for my sister for a quick get away so this is what I did. I got a two eggs and cracked them open in a bowl the blended them up the bowl(egg shell and all) put it in her shampoo bottle and sat back and lauhed at her while she was taking her shower.

I had my friend buy a few dozen crickets and when he wasn't looking, we slipped the crickets into his backpack. Then we asked him to get something out of his backpack. But the funny thing is we asked him to do it during class.

Beetle Swap
1 year a boy in my class took a beetle in his hand then showed it to the teacher. In the other hand he had a Mulberry. He swapped them over then pretended to eat it. The teacher really thought he actually had eaten it.

A Toilet Prank
Over 3 years ago, me and various friends have planted various foodstuffs in our school toilets that look like crap including (but not limited to): Fudge Cookies, Root Beer Coke, Chocolate Cake, Mountain Dew, Code Red (In girls bathroom) Baby Ruth Bars (yes plural). It was funny because every time a girl walked into that stall you would here a scream and then an eeewwwww!!!.

We gathered at a local billiards hall at about 11 pm. The police in our town tend to be a bit anal, so we knew we'd have to be stealthy. We had each put in about $5 toward a box of forks, and we put them in backpacks, aprons, and pockets and piled into 1 person's car. That person would drop us off and circle around and come back in 5 to 10 min. We did this several times and an hour and a half (and fifteen hundred forks)later, the entire front lawn was covered. It was fantastic because the nect day at school, they made the kids with in-house detention clean it all up.

My friend Super Glued 75 cents to the floor at school and got wrote up for it. It was considered "Vandalism." He said he watched people walk by and try to pick it off the floor but they couldn't.
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