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toilate back up
on the eve of april fools day i took clear plastic wrapp and placed it under the toilate seat, then when my booger of a sister sat on it........... lets just say she had to take a shower and wash her cloths then she was late to school.

aunties house
one day on april fools day haha my brother and i went to my aunts house like 8 hours away from where we live anyhow when everyone was asleep i went into the pantry and took the oreos out i scaroed out the good nummy iceing sugar and put in its place toothpaste then i went into the bathroom unscewed the showercap and poured koolaid in it then put it back on.after that i put siran wrap on the toilet and a band aid on the bottom of the spout so that when u turned it on you would be sparyed i then took some salt and poured it in my aunties and uncles hair so it would look like they had bad dandruff my brother was sleeping in the basement so i drew with a black marker an mustache and a unibrow then i went to bed. omg when i woke up the next morning people were lauging and well sort of angry lol it was so funny

water cup
I was with my freind,I place a $10 bill from his wallet with tape just enough for the size of a cup hole,then I get a cup and fill it up with water and I get some laminated paper and put it on the cup then place it on the table and then I put the 10 under the paper and I remove the paper and I put the 10 right on the tape so it wont get ruined then my freind comes and he couldnt remove the cup or his 10 will get ruined it took him half an hour to realize he could just flip the cup with the 10

The balance trick
I am known as the prankster throught my family and friends and i have a trick that works on everyone! First you get a funnel and some kind of coin. Find someone who is willing to take "the balance test" and tell them they have to put the bottom of the funnel in their waistband. Then hand them the coin and tell them that they have to put it on their forehead while closing their eyes for ten seconds and then try to drop it in the funnel from their head. Let them try a few times(most people wont be able to do it the first time) THEN THE TRICK... have a glass of water near by so when they have their eyes closed pour it down the funnel!!!!

College Fun
it was about 3 in the morining in our dorm hall and my friend and i were up playing video games. we got bored and decided to pull some pranks on our fellow football players. there was this guy that everyone hated on out hall. we decided to get a large trash can and fill it half way with water. we leaned it up against his door just right so that it wouldn't tip. we went back to our room and waited for morning. at about 9 we hear this *SPLOOSH* AHHHHH and his entire room was flooded. they never found out who it was.

Slip up
My friend Shawn and I were making waffles when we started fooling around with the Pam non-stick spray. After missing the waffle iron, it ended up on the floor and we suddenly realized that the floor became extremely slippery. To put the stuff to work, we went into our cooking class on the day we were supposed to bring in food (hence why we were making waffles) and sprayed it for about 5 square feet in the entrance to class. 8 out of 17 fellow students dropped their food on the way in and we hid the Pam so we didnt get caught! It also took the janitor the whole hour and 30 min to get off the floor.
Reminder: Pam works very VERY well on ALL flat surfaces and will almost garuntee that someone slips, so its an easy prank especially if someone is carrying something!

poor housemate
i had just moved into a house in qld with ppl i didnt know. i found the room to let in the paper. they got to know me a bit and so i told them i wasnt really who i said i was.. they where shocked ... i told them i was running away from the police .as i had buryed my parents under there house... they tryed to call the police but i had taken the cord for the phone already.. in shock both males fell to there knees pleading for there lives.. 3 hours later i told them it was just a joke . they didnt say much to me for a few days exept how scared they where at the time.. remember make sure you know the person before moving them into your house

Pizza Freak
Well my brother only eats pizza, only chesse pizza so me and my family r alwasy trying 2 get him 2 eat somthing else. so i put Brocalli in his pizza 1 day and he said that it was the best pizza he has ever had so after he finshed i told him it was Brocalli!

Gum Diaster
I was sitting outside and i spit my gum on the grass well next thing i knew my gym teacher comes out and sits right next to me yelling at me for doing really bad at yesterdays game, and he gets up and he has a huge wad of pink gum on his shorts. HAHAHAH!

Beware the Peanuts
I was leaning on the arm of my mums armchair while she ate some dry roasted peanuts both of us watching T.V. Even though I don't like normal salted peanuts I like the coating on dry roasted peanuts so helped myself to a few and sucked off the coating. I then took them out of my mouth and as a joke put them on her hand, expecting her to be grossed out. She didn't realised I'd sucked off the coating and she put them straight in her mouth without looking, I was creased up laughing and only managed to get out a few minutes later that she'd just eatn my sucked on peanuts. That was quite a few years ago and it always makes me chuckle remembering her face when I told her what she'd eaten.
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