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The pee pee accident
One time, I placed a slight amount of water on my sisters blouse where it would look like she "urinated" on her immature self (just because i hate her).That was the day she decided to attend the High School Prom (hehe).
I guess she put on the blouse without noticing the water and she had gone to the prom looking like an immature infant. Her boyfriend laughed and gave me a high-five (bad boyfriend) and later that day my sister broke up with him, all because of me. I felt so proud.=D

I the summer of 2006, a boring day would yet to turn into an exciting adventure. At that time I was interested in time principles and the nature of how time travels (what a nerd I am).I found out that time can only be stopped by extraterestriall intelligence.I quickly told my brother and he decided to perform an evil prank on me.
My brother disabled every working clock in the house as so to make it look like time has suddenly stopped.He told my household family members to freeze on his signal when I would come in. Unexpectedly, as I steped into the house back from a hard day of work, everyone froze and there was no sign of movement, no noise, just still silence. I froze in terror and looked at the clocks as i observed that "time has stopeed". Aliens, i thought.
Then i let out a cry for help and I screamed in terror.
Suddenly I heard laughs and to my suprise my famiily members were moving once again, all laughing, few smiling.
Then my brother said, "We gotcha so bad". Then in response I yelled "Oh my God, you Jerk". And that ended a very funny day.

msn - symeon
me and ma mate were on msn and i told my friend that i was my bro and that symeon (me) was out in town with his m8s, so i went on for ages and the thiko beliveed me so i decided to try something next so i said oh no symeons back early he left this on and will kill me if he catches me- so i signed out for like 10 mins then came back and he believed this then put me on webcam and saw it was me which was ok coz by this point adam (my bro) had supposedly run away and me (symeon) was back so it was ment to be me and then he said it was me all along and i said omg has james been on ( to trick him) and he said no he said he was adam so i said i hav 2 bruvaz ( i hav 1) and the idiot still believed me and it was HILLARIOUS HE ALSO DOESN'T KNOW THAT WE HAVE TRICKED HIM!!!

Fog Prank
Me and My Friend Filled my Car with Fog with a fog machine
so we drove around town ooking for cops and when we found on we would smear faces on the window and scream and cry.
then we drove by mcdonolds and did the same thing

burgar burglar
once i went to a restuarent,but as it was full i shared my table with a handsome young guy(who was reading a mag).suddenly i got a call from a freind & i got a result i started eating frm the guys plate...after i completed a bite he put his book down looked at my face,then my entire body & finally to his dish which was a empty (as his burger was in my hand).i realised what i did,shouted loud in the crowded cafe & just ran away.all was staring at me && started laughing.

Me and my friends would distract someone. One of us would get behind them and get on all fours. Then one of us would get in front and push them they would think they can catch there balance but they wont and they would fall. This is so funny. Then after we did that to someone they will not mess with us anymore.

I had a Snapple bottle one day. After drinking it, me and my cousins peed in it and asked my brother if he wanted some Snapple. Without hesitation he took a drink, then he said, "What the hell?" Me and my cousins said, "How does pee taste like?" and ran away, he chased us.

Water in the whole!
In the middle of the night, I woke up and tied tape on to the nozzle of the thing that shoots water right next to the sink fossit. The next morning, my sister woke up, turned the fossit on, and water started spraying all over her! She started screaming and no one has ever found out that it was me...and its only been three days!

Clown on street!
On Halloween, an auncle of mine put on a Dr.Seuss hat, only it had blue and yellow stripes. But other then that, he also had a mask on that made him look like a straight out gangster. So all his other friends picked him up(he's very tall and skinny) and since i live on the corner of the block, they picked him up and took him to the middle of the whole street and just dropped him there! they started taking pics. of him cuz he couldnt get up. a car came really fast and almost ran him over! but he was fast enough to get up and get out of the way.

the toilet is closed
one day i was in a mood and my wife and me had the disscusion of the toilet seat up or down so I got some seran wrap and lifted the seat of the tolet and covered the toilet bowl opening with seran wrap so it looked like regular and put the seat down and when she went in to go to the toilet well you get the rest except for seeing the lump on my noggin lol
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