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killer on the lose
one nite me and my sister were at my brothers house (he lives in like the middle of nowere )and wile my brother and sister inlaw were at some kinda dinner w/some friends or somethin me and my sis were all alone w/just the animals we were haven so much fun every thing was going graet we were on the phone and watchen movies and all of asudden the house starts to shake and theres this lound banging on the out side of the house we (as in me and my sis) jumped on to the house and started screaming ( we confest that we acouly love eachother this was such a big deal becous we are allwas telling how much we hate eachother)then this manly figer was comeing on to the back porch and started getting closer the dog jumped up and started snarling at the finger then we got a call from or brother to see how we were doing little did we no he was on the porch as he came closer we screamed loder then we saw his face they started cracking up me and my sister were tarafide for like the next week now every once and awile the family will bring it up and joke about it .......

Oh said, what is that thing called light, which i have never enjoy, what is the blessing of my sight, Oh tell your por blind boy, you talk of many things you see, you say, the sun shines bright, i feel it worm, but not seing it, i dont have any day or night, my day or night my self i make, when ever i walk or play, could i ever keep away? it will be always day.

Whos There?
I was sleeping at my friend's house. I had brought my 14 mile walkie talkies along. We hid the walkie talkie in her sister's room. I started talking and making noises. She never noticed and didn't know where it was coming from! I laughed so hard after that!

Saran Wrap at Party
I was at a party and as a joke i put plastic wrap on the seat thinking one of my friends would go well instead the person who threw the party's dad went to the bathroom and he pied and it bounced off the plastic wrap (its clear) and went all over him......

Home Depot Banana Prank
My friends and I like to think up crazy questions to mess with people. Usually people realize that we're joking right away and start laughing but others take us completely seriously. One day we all went into Home Depot (which is a store that sells home and garden supplies) and we told them that we needed enough wood to build a crate that would hold 10,000 bananas. We thought he would ignore us but apparently customer service was very important to him. Right away he called over 5 other guys and took out a calculator. All of them sat there for atleast 30 minutes trying to figure out the math problem and then they finally came back to us and said they were very sorry but they didn't have enough wood in the store. They suggested that we contact a company that transports fruit and appologized again for not being able to help more. We started cracking up as soon as we got outside. That was by far the best prank we've ever played on anybody.

Freezy Cold
One time at my friends back to school party one of the girls took my swimsuit and my friend's suit and they put them in the freezer right after we went swimming. So my friends and I took all of their bras and got them really wet and put them in the freezer. It was so funny because they didn't have any bras the next day. It all work out because my swimsuit was frozen solid but all i did was run it under some warm water they had to let their bras thaw and then dry!! HaHa!!-Justina

Wrong # Death prank
Well a couple of years back I use to get calls from people who had the wrong number. So one day I decided to tell one of them that the person they were asking for was dead. A couple of days later I get a Call from this girl and she asks for Bryan. I tell her that Bryan just died a couple of minutes ago. All she said to me was that sucks and usual how did He die. I came up with the story and put on a fake sob. Then I tlod she got the wrong number and hung up.

2 scared
me and my step-uncle were playing wit my brother(9) we said "did u know the boogie man lives down here? he said no such thing then my uncle and i gasped! myuncle turned around and called him "boogie man booogie man" then i started bangging on the wall when my lil bro sat there wit his eyes closed we sceamed and ran to the stairs, swithcing the light on and of and wlaked upthe stairs. we came down and he was in a corner craying then we were like "he sent us upstaris" he starded screaming and ran up stairs! we started laughing so hard he came down red as can be and said THATS NOT FUNNY!!!!!!!!!! we craked up he wouldn't sleep downstairs that night.

The Ultimate Prank
The date was April 1st, in the year of 2006. I had discovered the ultimate prank to play on my family members. The prank? Place Seran-Wrap at the base of the toilet. In the morning, I sneaked into the "community" bathroom used by most of our family members. The Seran-Wrap was in place and all I had to do now was wait. I waited for the first victim, which happened to be my brother. He did his business but during this, the liquid had bounced off the Seran-Wrap and went onto his pants. His reaction was exactly what I had expected, ANGRY!

Employee Absent Report
I made up a fake absent report on official company letter head that I would put into a new employees time card slot if he/she called in sick. The person was instructed to fill out the detailed report stating the date, time and reason for being absent. Then the employee was instructed to complete a 10 point positive action plan listing the steps he/she would take to ensure this would not happen again. Finally the report instructed the employee to take form to the supervisor for review. Virtually all the people I targeted actually did this to their extreme embarrassment.
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