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Salt and pepper
One time we went to a local Chili's and we sat down and looked for our food. After the waitress left we went to the table next to us and unscrewed the salt and pepper shakers so that the caps of the salt and pepper are still on just not screwed on tightly. We sat back down at our table and waited. The next people to come in sat at the table. When they got their food the man reached for the salt and woman reached for pepper. They both shook out the salt and pepper and PLOP all the salt and all the pepper fell onto their food. They were mortified and we're laughing like crazy (of cours conceling ourselves so we wouldn't get caught).

la biche enrhumée
Un soir que je rentrais en voiture à ma maison de campagne, je vis une biche au loin qui me regardait curieusement sa beauté me fit ralentir puis je décidais de repartir quand soudain surement affolée elle court, mais dans ma direction puis me coupe la route et s'arrete deux mètre après me regarde et éternue et me tire la langue, peut-etre a-t-elle voulu me narguer et me dire qu'elle était plus rapide que moi?

taped to the floor
at my friends sleep over we decided who ever fell asleep first would be pranked to my best friend fell asleep so we carefuly taped her to the floor and sudenly yelled at her " the house is on fire!!" she opened her eyes and screamed but we all started laughing hard...

Wally World Tragedy
Me and my friend went to Wal-Mart, and as she walked through one of the aisles, I ran away and was hiding. I was just messing around, but she freaked out and was crying. I felt bad afterwards. I didn't think she would get so upset. She even went to customer service to get them to call me to the front.

The Fake Lottery Ticket
Once I found a lottery ticket on the ground that was worth 87,000 dollars but has already been checked in. I told my wife that I won 87,000 dollars on the lottery.She went crazy and started hugging me in joy. I gave her the fake lottery ticket that had an 87,000 dollar reward on it, but has already been used. The she went down to the store scurrying and told the cashier she has won. Then the cashier looked at her than at me and told her this lottery ticket has already been checked in for money. The I yelled "Gotcha!!" and she ran out of the store furious. When we got back home, she and I started laughing out buts off.

I taped down the faucet sprayer at a friends with electrical tapes it ruined some paper on the counter his mom thought it was him

Getting Even
I work at a manufactering plant. Years ago, I had some problems with a coworker. While we sat side by side, I glued her parts together. I didn't even think she knew, but she did. Years latter, I told her what I did,
and she said she knew. I asked for her forgiveness, and she excepted it. Now she has passed away with cancer.
I am realy sorry, and have never did it again, because it was not one bit funny.

Call from the dead
One night my friend and I were bored and decided to make prank phone calls. we called the same phone number as her's phone but changed one number and pushed *67 so it showed up unknown. when the guy answered my friend said is my mom there and the guy said sorry wrong number so my friend replyed by saying oh darn i am at the movie theater and this is my last quarter can you call my mom for me and tell her to pick me amy up from the movie theater.So my friend gave her the number to her mom wich was really the number of her phone. the guy agreed and soon he phone rang i answered and said hello then he explained the situation of my daughter amy dialing the wrong number and all that and said she was ready to be picked up from the movie. I started to cry saying my daughter had gotten killed on the way home fom the movie theater last month. he apologized and said he had nothing to do with this sick joke. and tried to comfort me (the mom) he soon said goodbye and a couple of hours later the guy(nathan) texted us saying "tricky' he had believed it because he had a little to much to dringk and was so freaked outhe siad he couldn't even watch the movie with his friends!!that was the best prank ever!!

Halloween in the Milk
I worked for a grocery store in Texas for 5 years. I was upset that my boss would not let me go home for halloween. At the time, I worked as a stocker of milk in the dairy section. That evening I went home for lunch and retrieved a horror mask I had planned to wear that evening at a party. I returned to the store and my duties with the mask hidden inside of my jacket. As I stocked milk un-aware customers would open the glass case to retrieve milk but instead, found a horrifying gremlin lurking around and howling like a were wolf!!!

the carrot
for a joke, i picked up a carrot some made in art and when someone walked through the door, i hit him with (it was stuffed).
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