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I was alone at my home, this day i was so boring there waiting my sister...

I didn't know what could i do there... so i had an a idea...

My sister is a kind of person that believe in ghosts, spirits and other paranormal things...

I got an plastic bag, a big one of course, and i began build a "ghost"

I put 2 eyes and a mouth... it looks horrible of course, but in the dark you couldn't define it very well...

So i put this plastic bag over the lamp in a dark place at my home...

When my sister arrived it was so dark and silent...
... I turn on the lamp so far from she... and the lamp iluminate the plastic bag hahahaha

She shout so high uhahuauhah i laughted so much this day...

The bad part of it , is that my mom didn't allowed me to play videogames for 2 weekends ='[

Writing In The Mirror
One night my uncle was sleeping on the bed and we decided it was time to be naughty. We took a permanent marker and wrote idiot on his forehead, he never noticed until the next morning when he woke up and looked in the mirror, but unfortunately for me I woke up a day later with the words I know written on my forehaed!

Paint Butt
Once I filled a balloon with pain and glue and just as the person next to me sat down I put it on their chair and it exploded over their butt.

Me and my friend, Kylem told this girl in our science class that the microscope she was using was clap activated, you just had to clap twice. I clapped twice, and Kyle secretly unplugged it, and she really believed us!! Then I clapped again, Kyle plugged it in, and she said "Oh my god!" Then she tried, but it didn't work! By then, everybody in class was laughing, and the girl had finally caught onto the joke!

Egg disaster
My brother always plays pranks on me the old whoopy cushion the fart noises and i had had enough. In the morning i got up early and replaced the ceral shelf with a lose bendy carboard self and a whole pile of eggs so when i offed to get him the ceral he declined by sayin " i am old enough i can get it my self " i let him but the next minite he was stinking and covered in eggs ! I got grounded for a month but you no what it was worth it i can still see him covered in eggs now !!!!

My sister and I are very competitive girls. We sometimes act really stupid around eachother. One night, I took hot grease in a bucket and put it on her doorknob. In the morning, when she woke up, she could not figure out why her door would not open! HEHEHE

The real April fool
It was on the first of April at about 5am,while my brother Mike was still in bed.I raised a false alarm by shouting 'Help! fire,fire' he quickly got out of the bed and dashed straight into the bathroom and came out with a bucket of water saying 'where is the fire'.I said 'over there'.He was still busy asking where the fire was when i told him he was 'April's fool'.He felt like spanking me while I was buy doing all of the laughing.

The Sleeper
My sister was coming into tow to visit and stay for one night well she wiould never forget this night because before she went to bed i told her she could sleep on my bed with an electric bed sheet and she did so i let her sleep for at least 1 hour and then i put shaving creme on her face i then put her hand in cold water and she wet the bed and the best part is she woke up and she got zapped but also i was hiding under her bed and when she tried to get up i pulled on the blanket she didnt get hurt but it was so funny

Ketchup Bottle
Once at a party my cousin (who is obsessed with ketchup) really got what she wanted. she kept bothering me on what i gother for her birthday so i decided to get her back for annoying me. She asked me to bring her some ketchup and i did. But i filled it with baking soda and shook it up first.As she opened it (with it pointing at her face) it blew up rite on her. I guess she really got what she wanted.

frozen shave
well just before i left year 10 at my school i froze a can of shaving cream, cut it open when it was frozen and put it in my pricipals fileing cabinet. And as it defrosted it foamed all through the drawers and ruined every file in the draw. lol it was so funny.
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