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The sea sotry
me and my family went to the beachin Australia and I put on a shark fin. I swam around and then people noticed, nearly the whole beach either leftor didnt go in the sea again that day LOL!

What happened in camp
My bezzie and i went to camp once cause our parents forced us to so i decided to have some fun. I got a piece of wire and tied it to a post and to a tent. But then my mum who had decided to fetch me as I didn't want to go tripped over it a broke her knee-cap. oh dear

Bed Time!!
so my brother comes home really late a lot...drunk or what not and i decided i wanted to do something crazy. while he was gone i went into his room and switched his matress and box spring around and made up the bed again so when he came home he crashed into a nice hard bed. he killed me for that one!!!

Knocking On My Sister's Door
Okay, so, one time I was in my bedroom, I was bored so, I decided, to, knock on my sister's door to put a prank on her.I went ahead, knocked on the door and when she opened the door I wasn't there.She looked like a total dork when she looked outside!!!! Hahahha, it was so hilarious!!!

some1 put icy-hot on my deoteriant stick.
guess what happened next.

I wuz at my friend's house with one other person and we made the first friend go to sleep and swore (with our toes crossed LOL) that we wouldnt do anything. we did. we were bored so we got a PERMANENT brown marker and drew (bit by bit) huge eyebrows, a curly french moustache, a goatee, and bags under his eyes. He woke up sometimes and whoever was drwing on him would hide behind the couch while the other pretended to watch tv. When it was all said and done, his little borthers came down and his parents came down (we were downstairs in the livin room) so we covered up his head with a pillow when his parents looked and his borthers looked and laughed. We finally told him to look at the mirror because we thought it broke and he got SO MAD. but we laughed a while later.

Ding dong ditch
Ok so i was at my BFF's house and we where bored so we walked around the block to ding dong ditch someone and we went up to this house and my friend jovanna was trying to be cool and jump the peoples gate and when my friend rang the doorbell we all ran and jovanna triped over the gate and broke the gate i was laughing SO HARD i really pee'd my pants and my two other friends they wher holding themself it was so FUNNY!

He knew it was us
Ok so my and my BFF where having a sleepover and we wanted to call this guy i like so we called him and my friend acted like a bird and told him that i have a crush on him so we hung up and then we found out we didn't do *67 so the next day he came up to me and said so you have a crush on me and i turned BRIGHT RED it was funny.

Dominoe's Cupids!
One day me & my friend each 3-wayed a different Dominoe's pizza & put ourselves on mute. An employee from each Dominoe's answered something like "Hi, Dominoe's pizza." It was a guy & a girl & they were each like, "Hey did you call here?" "No, did you?" Then they started talking & even flirting with each other!! Finally we had to hang up.

Peter Answers
My friend and I went on and behing there is some trick to make the answers yours. So we were trying to get our brother and sister together so we really freaked them out it was so hilarious. They still believe Peter is real. lol
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