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Sand hole
I used this prank on my sister when we were on holiday in france.
When we were at the beach,my sister was lying down on a towel on sand. When she got up, to go down to the sea , She was they are out of sight! I Dug a large hole under her towel,then I placed the towel back on top! When she came back she sat back onto the towel which fell back into the hole it was soooo funny!!!

a fake boming
it was 3am wen i let off a big fire work in my parents back garden,
evey 1 started screaming there heads off both my parents were shouting take cover,
it was so funni even tho i nearly got nearly arrsted.

Hot Cheetos
i once was invited to a party so we were all having a good time alot of hot girls had come to the party we set erath works inside the hot cheetos (we fried the workds first) we added spicy stuff the girls had eated the worms withough noticing i was shocked and almost barfed in front of everyone the prank turned out to effect me they were so high they didnt even notice LMAO XD

The Glue
Once I got some glue, (you know the kind) and I glued it to the tolit. Well 1 minute later my brother sat on it and my mom had to wipe his butt with hot soapy water to get him off. I got in a ton of trouble, but hey it was all worth it

the day the girl farted
one day in second grade this girl named Ebony i hate her and guess what? When one day she went to her class to sit i put a woopy cushion on her chair and when she sat down it went down like this frrrrrrrrrraaaaaaaatttttttt everybody laugh and she had no friends she thought she was all that so i pulled a prank on her.

umm so definitely one xmas eve I told my aunt that I was going to do this move on her and that sometimes if you do it wrong it can kill you and I was totally lying just to scare her..well I went to demonstrate it on her and she hit me really hard in the nose and made it bleed, because I scared her..haha!!

i told my friend to come to my house so he came but when he got here he saw a for sale sigh and on my door it said just come in so he went in and say people unpacking plastic body parts and he though they where he and then i screamed on a recored message that was in the box .he was so frightened he ran out my house and when he went out i jumped out of the bushes and he was so freaked out

Elevator Hump
Elevator Fun

In Nashville, Tennessee I performed a glorious prank in an expensive hotel. The hotel had a glass elevator. I went in, and before getting back out, I squeezed out a foul smelling egg fart. I emerged from the elevator, and a family of four stepped inside and closed the doors. I stood from a good vantage point and saw their horrified, disgusted facial expressions through the glass as they were trapped in the stinking vessel. I even saw a little finger pointing going on in there.

Elevators are great for pranks. A good idea, is to covertly put up an elaborate sign just below the call button for the elevator, on the wall where nobody would immediately see it. The sign should read, "Obese individuals are strictly prohibited from using the elevators." Stand out side and survey the scene. Observe the reactions of the many overweight people reading the sign. You can also put up another sign, inside the elevator, that says, "USE THE STAIRS, YOU BLIMP!"

Clean It Up
Clean it up!

Here is a good college dorm prank. Collect all of your empty beer cans for a long period of time. Stack them up in your friend's dorm room when he is away, so when he opens the door, all of the cans get knocked down and create a huge mess for him to clean up

Stop The Car
Stop the Car!

Duct tape is mankind?s greatest invention ever. Stretch it flat across the road, with the sticky side up. A car will run over the tape, and sometimes, the driver will believe he popped a tire.

Here is a good one: A while back, my older brother, who works at a petroleum processing plant, took a large roll of red tape from the storage room. He decided to tape it under his co-worker's car, to the muffler. He tied the other end to a parking sign, and sure enough, the victim drove off after work, dragging 100 feet of red tape behind him.

When you're buddy is at work, find his car in the parking lot and fill it with empty beer cans.
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