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toilet trouble
I took sodium iodide powder and put it in the top of this guys toilet and put peroxide in the bowl and when he flushed it they mixed and the whole bthroom filled with foam caused by the reaction.

Blue Teeth B****
I was at a party with a few friend's, I was telling one of my friend's that, the guy a few feet away was my target. A minute later I seen her talkin with him and hanging all over him. Later that night she past out from the drinking she was doing and it was my turn to get her back. Ladies and Gentlemen blue kool-aid! Her teeth turned blue so when she woke up, everyone was laughing, but no one told her everyone just kept calling her the blue teeth b----! I got my revenge and embarrassed her.

left bare
In the dorm I was staying in I had to use the public shower room. My friends thought it would be funny to steal my clothes and my towel. I took a shower and reached for my towel that was no longer there. I figured out I had no towel or clothes. I grabbed some paper towels and run for my dorm.Every body could see my bare body before I could get to cover.

the lost elastic
I was mad at my husband for forgetting my birthday. I knew he had a big speech the next morning so to get revenge I toook the elastic out his underwear and pants so that by the time he got to work they would fall down and down came underwear and all in front of 20 other employees

The switching prank call
get a friend over to ur house then call the person u want to prank call give him ur friends phone number tell him to prank call that number {act like u dont like him or somthing}after that get off the phone he will call that person then get ur freind to make him mad and tell him to say this {"ok u want to fight huh meet me ______ (i dont care where) and show up at 12:00"tell ur friend to hang up call uthe person back then when he answers tell him "man he's big dog a big Boxer type" then when he talks about him fighting gim just simply say "You just got Punked"

club house headache
Me and my cousins were in my clubhouse one day after church
and we were taking turns telling eachother our deepest darkest secrets well when it got to my turn I made them swear to god that they would never tell anyone and that I have never told anyone this and that they are lucky that Im even telling them so we all leaned in and their heads were about ten inches apart when I paused looked them both in the eye and then finally smashed their heads into one another they had headaches for the rest of the day thats a memory I will never forget.

Once when me and my neighborhood friend were really young, we were going at it and fighting back and forth. It was boys vs girls, anything goes.
Well they kept throwing stuff at us girls, and we were fed up. they were even throwing rocks!
we ran inside and grabbed a hot dog bun, and then ran back outside. we searched our yard for our dogs poop perferably one shaped like a hotdog. (gross, i know) When we found one, we stuffed it in the hotdog bun and made a truce with the boys. We offered the one instigating a hot dog, and he took it. He bit into it, turned red, and spit it out in disgust.

Needless to say,we were at war again.

Senoir prank
For senior prank my class filled ballons with cooking grease and placed them in the main hallway of our school and waited for people to run through and pop them and when they did the floor was a slippery mess it was funny when the principal and the lowerclassman slipped

Okay one night I told my sisters to go on the back porch.Well I knew that there were coyotes out. So I told them to listen to them so. I snooke around the house and came toward them in a alien costum. And I scared them so bad that they called my mom up. They told her there was a tall alien out to get them. But my mom was so. Then later that night i went and told them It was me.

I set up my friends room with alot of yarn tward the floor.
I broke alot of eggs & put them on plates around the room,
then I put whiped cream on the plates.She woke up tripped over the yern & fell face first on the one of the plates.
Then she kept tripping on the yern,she fell on most of the plates!!! It was soooo funny!!!!!!!!!!
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