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Firecracker Ciggarette
I took the tobacco out of a ciggarette. I put a firecracker in where the tobacco should have been and stuffed some back on top of the firecracker. When my uncle went to light his ciggarette, it exploded

My friend fell asleep during math class so I thought it would be funny to right bad words all over her face with sharpie. After the bell rang she ran out the door every guy was looking at her and one guy said"can i ask u somthing" and she thought he was asking her out. then hes like "you have sharpie on u " and she ran into the bathroom and didn't come out untill the school was empty.

candy apple
it was my siser's birthday and i have made candy apples but
their was one that wasen't an apple it was an onion , i inseaste taht she took an candy apple , she ate the one that was an onion and she almost parfed lol

5 cheses
we went to our friends house and gave him free nahos with hot glue in them.We were laughing so hard and are friend could not open his mouth it was the best but we got in trouble.

Wrap It Up
It was my first year in college and it was really late in the dorms one night. A group of about 7 or 8 of us, mixed with guys and girls decided that it would be fun to play some jokes on some of the other residents. So, we went and got blankets and duct tape from somewhere, and the girl who worked at the front desk was cool with us so she gave us keys to some peoples rooms. The idea was to sneak in, tape the person's mouth, wrap them up in the blanket, carry them out of their dorm room, and take them outside and leave them there to untangle themselves and figure out what the hell was going on. Well, we tried it unsuccessfully a couple of times because the most people woke up upon our entrance, mostly because we were laughing too hard and weren't quiet at all. We did manage to make entry into this one kids room and his roommate did wake up and I think he was so relieved that we weren't coming for him that he didn't forewarn his roommate. SO, the guys got to him and the minute they started trying to turn him over to tape him up it was a nightmare! He started screaming and crying, "Help, help, somebody help me, please!" They tried wrapping him up but he was kicking and fighting like a wild deer. We managed to move him into the hallway but he was so upset and we were laughing too hard to even keep up with it, so we dropped him in the middle of the hallway and ran like hell. The next day everybody knew about it but they didn't know who the culprits were. We nearly gave the kid a heart attack and he stopped talking to everybody after that because he didn't know who to trust and if it was a joke or something real. We all felt bad because, later we found out he thought that it was a prank just to make him look bad (everybody called him a wuss because of how he was screaming like a little girl) but, it was all in good fun.

furiture sleeping swap
my mom has trouble falling asleep so she takes sleeping pills which makes her a really heavy sleeper. so while she was sleeping my friends and i switched all the furiture while she was still sleeping on it. so when she woke up she woke up facing the wall on the other side of the room confused as hell and the rest of the room was switched around.

Glad plastic Wrap
One night I stayed up late with my sister and best friend. My mom and little brother were already asleep. We wanted to play a prank so we went to the kitchen and got some Glad Plastic Wrap. Outside my mom's bedroom door we un-wraveled the plastic wrap and taped the door way all the way accross from top to bottom. After we were finished we screamed real loud outside her door. She came rushing out and ran right into the Plastic Wrap. LOL! IT was priceless!

Powdered Sugar
I go to a school where the lockers don't have locks already on them. Our History teacher is known for going through the unlocked lockers looking for stolen textbooks. One day i put some powdered sugar in a plastic bag and put it in my locker, clearly visible. Then I hid the history teacher's books and he went through the lockers. He made it to my locker, opened it, and saw this "white powdery substance", which he assumed was cocaine. The School security guard took me to a locked room and said he'd give me fifteen seconds to explain myself. I said, "i didn't know powdered sugar was such a big deal!" He looked at me, and started blurting out apologies. It was Hysterical!

Hearts ?
My boyfriend and i were watching a scary movie and i told him not to fall asleep because i was scared...but ofcourse he did so i quickly shut off the scary movie and grabed my rasor and shaved a heart in his chest hair man was it funny because he didnt notice it until we were over my aunts house the next day swimming and everyone was laughing :)

I have an older sister who plays pranks on me all the time. Anyway it was the last day of school so my sister decided to draw a mustace on me with a sharpie when i was asleep. My mum forced me to go to school. After summer vacation my nickname was stache.
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