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silly friends..
My friend stephanie is what you would call a blond. She isn't very intelligent. Me, her &about six of our friends were playing marco polo in the pool one night. It was her turn to be marco so when she went under water and closed her eyes, we all got out of the pool &went to the side of it and splashed the water at her and made it sound like we were in it, after about 10 minutes of her not tagging any of us, she gave up &opened her eyes. it was hilarious

sticky pits
when my friend briana came over to spend the night one time i took her deoderent and cut half of it off and replaced it with cream cheese she was really pised off at me for that one

Stakeboard Punk'd
Ok, my and my friend Seth decided to play a prank on our freind Trevor. So we invited him over to check out this trick that I just did on my skate board. When he came over we told him we forgot to turn off the Playstation because we were just playing on it. So when me and Seth went inside we put fake blood on my ands and I squezed my hands so you couldn't see the fake blood and we both went back out. when i came out i got on the skateboard and Seth said he wanted to get a close look at this so he got practically right in my path with a chair. When i was riding forward i pretended to hit a bump in the sidewalk and i rammed right into Seth on the chair. He got out of the way in time but i pretended to hit the chair really hard on my shin. so after I hit the chair I rubbed the fake blood all over my shin and leg acting as if I got hurt really bad. Trevor comes yelling over to me saying "SETH! GO GET THE PEROXIDE! HURRY!" and Seth ran inside. Meanwhile I still acted as if it was all real and when Seth came back out i started laughing and rubbing the fake blood like it was paint. He had this startled confused look for a bit then me and Seth yelled to him "You just got Punk'd"

My friends and I hate this one kid in our class, Ben. So, we thout we'd play a preank on him. I got a bunch of quarters and my friend got superglue. While the teacher was out, we superglued quarters to the ground and on his desk. Then we kept track on how many times he triend to pick them up. What really ticked him off was, he would try to pick a quarter up and it was glued. I'd go and pick it up, and it was in my hand!...(my little secret!!!)

This wasn't the most intricate prank on earth, but it was pretty funny. It was a co-workers birthday, so everyone decided to throw him a party AND a prank. We didn't have much time to think one up, so we used that time instead to wrap everything, including his walls, in his cubicle with aluminum foil. It was a great one, everyone was laughing for hours once he got to his cubicle, and in the end we were all good sports and helped him clean up.

Tooth Paste Cookie
Well it was April Fool's Day, one of my favorite days of the year. I decided to make something "special" for my lunch. i took out six chocolate chip cookies and a a jar of Fluff, its lke spreadable marshmellows. anyway i spread fluff on 2 cookies and put another cookie on top of them so it was like a sandwhich. But on the last cookie, intead of fluff, i put a whole lot of toothpaste. so later at lunch i pull out my bag of cookies. i eat the first fluff filled ones, saying how good thes homemade cookies taste, and how delisious they are. but i faked that i was extremely full and couldnt eat the last on if i tried. All my friends bought it and grabbed for the cookie as i asked who wanted it. i eventually gave it to my best friend. She starts to munch on it and gets a weird look on her face, but still she keeps on eating. after she was finished the whole thing i told her it was toothpaste. she was shocked and said"ohhh thats why it taste funny." we all had a good laugh and every april fools day we remember that good prank

wet pants
Me and my friends were having a sleepover and he got a cold glass of water and stuck my fingers in IT!! It made it look like I wet my pants

hot nose one night my friend stays over and he fell asleep on the couch. I went to my kitchen and got this reallllly spicy powder for cooking(i think from an indian or chinese place)i bent a piece of paper in half and put som on it. than i took a straw and put my finger on the end.I than put the powder in the straw. my finger stoped it. i slid my finger slowly of so none fell out. i snuck close to my friend, put the straw really close to his nose hole and blew. all the powder flew into his nose and he woke up and started to say his nose was on fire, he had tears in his eyes he kept tryin to blow it out, it was halarious. i laughed till i cried. try it

Stupid Dad Clock Story
On April Fools Day, my dad woke me and my sister up for school and said we were late. The clocks were like an hour late and we were freaking out so much! Then our dad told us that he moved them an hour forward, and we tried to kill him!

there is this boy that was bullied at school, when the boy got home he reported the bully to his brother who is a bigger bully. immediately the boy's brother stood up and followed him to school on getting there the boy pointed to the bully but his brother mistakingly picked on the wrong person and gave him a mark on his fore head using a bottle when his brother saw the victim and told him that he had hurt the wrong person, the bigger bully simply took the broken bottle and made more mark on the victim's fore head when his brother asked why he acted in such a way he gladly said ''i cancelled the first mark''
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