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Once I was soo mad at my mom that I went on the internet and found some prank call pages. In the prank call I said " By 12:00 am a clown will come and kill you" My dad was not going to be hom so it was the perfect day. I told my friends to meet me in the park at 11:30 and I told my mom I was sleeping over a friends house. By about 11:50 my friends and I got into clown costumes and snuck into the house. One of my friends brought a plastic knife. We went into her room and we pretended we were going to kill her and then we said "Gotcha!" My mom grounded me for a long time.

The Altament Prank
When i was in middle school i made a cake out of cardboard and gave it to my ex-girlfriend. She ate a big bite of it but still swallowed the cardboard. She went to the nurse and the nurse let her go home.When she came back to school she was so mad at me she slapped me and and tripped on a basketball and fell down the stairs in the gym where she slapped me. She went to a different school but i don't know where though.IT WAS HILARIOUS!

Extra Tasty
Two of my friends and I were eating at a local restaurant. One of the friends and I ordered two small fried ice creams and our other friend ordered a really large serving of soup. We got done early, with our friend still eating her soup, so we decided to play a prank. I licked a spoon on the nearby table that wasn't taken, then set it back. We waited until someone went to that table, and even waited until their order came in! Watching them eat that fork with my saliva was hilarious! We left the restaurant laughing until we almost cried.

School call home
One day, I asked my mom if I could play a prank on my brother. She asked me what kind of prank I would play. I told her my friends and I didn't know yet, but we would figure it out. So my friends and I went to their house. We called my house and my brother answered the phone(good thing he didn't know my friend's number!) and I made up a name(sue) and I asked if it was Marcellis speaking. He said yes. (in a disguised voice)"This is Sue from the office at Carson Middle School regarding your grades, Marcellis. It seems you are failing social studies and science," I said. Marcellis replied, "No, I can't be failing, I turned in all my work." I said,"I'm sorry, that's not my problem. Then we argued a little bit more and we finally hung up. My friends couldn't stop laughing, after. Then I went home and told my mom and my brother and he was mad because he was really worried about his grades!!!!!!

Me and 2 otha buddies to stay over at my place that night cause both their parents would be pissed off if they came home that night, ye i dunno how come
But then as we slept thru the night, the 2 of us left the otha 1 sleepin n got that shavn cream and featha and all of that shit out.. got that ready...then we got my manican doll n i put the yoda mask on it. it was like 4 feet tall. It was 3 am. my sis was sleepin n since she was bitchin at us earlier fo laffin at only 1 am i wanted to avenge myself and us. heh i cant wait to tell this tho i recorded this all on my cell neway, her door was open so i set that 4 ft doll up right in her doorway just standn ther as my friend got the featha/shave cream ready and i said K GO n both the pranks happened AT ONCE AW MAN first my friend woke up fast n loud which then woke my sis FIND YODAAA standin at her doorway n i couldnt stop laffin so i ran but not before i seen her get up like a wicked crab witch HAHAROFL THEN STOMP over to the door and SLAM IT WHICH THEN CAUGHT HOLD of yodas fingers n he fell sideways which hit the damn fan n made the cover fly off the top and yodas otha hand ghot all caught up in the blades makin a loud ass noise, shit we could not stop laffin i swear. AHAHHAHAH

missing car??
one tuesday night i sat on the sofa as usual watching the tv. i sat there bored and thought of a new prank to play on my mom. i thought realy hard when i came up with this idea of he car being stolen. so i told my dad what i wanted to do and we got the preperations ready. the next morning i woke up to my mom shouting and screaming "wheres my car" i came down and she was still at it and me and my dad denied everything. so she was still up set as she didnt want to be late for work in her first week. she sat down just about o cry when she burt up out of her seat and grabed the phone. i was scared as i didnt want her to wack me with it (she does that alot) i ducked by she didnt hit me she dilled 911! she told them that her car had been stolen so they came round in about half an hour. she explained what the car was and all it features and as she was stil up set about being late she shouted at the officers and told them to hurry up. they left a few minuets later. then when me and my dad were comforting her there was a knock at the door. it was the cops. they had found the car. my mom was in hyserics she loved that car and it was only when the cops told her it was 5 mins down the road she stopped crying smartened herself up and told them she was sorry for wasting there time. she looked at me and my dad. we laughed and said what car thief would put a car down the road from where they stole it? she didnt know? she never knew and we have never told her to this day that we stole the car.

Popcorn Waterfall
When I was in college a bunch of us kept pranking one another. It was guys vs. the girls. One night my roommate was out of town and I had the room to myself. I figured I would hit the sack early. I woke up by the sound of a knock on the door. I jumped out of bed and opened the door with the surprise of a ton of popcorn, candy, and goldfish crackers falling down on me. I was standing in about 2 feet of this mix. The whole floor was cracking up laughing because someone finally got me. What the guys did is they took a garbage bag (the big lawn bags). They cut one side of it open, leaving the bottom, sides and back still open. They taped the bag to the top of the door and then filled it with the mix of popcorn, candy, and crackers. The door held everything in place until I opened the door (the door open in towards me) and everything came pouring in. What a mess!!!1

In the eigth grade I had a really good guy friend who's locker was right next to mine. On the very first day of school he told me "I'm not even going to use this locker." So I got an idea. Every day for the entire year of school, after swim practice, my other friend and I would walk to the Dairy Queen and get our snack and take a handful or two of ketchup packets with us. In the morning at school, I would slip the ketchup packets into the slats of my guy friend's unused locker, until the last week of school when they made us open our lockers to check and make sure they were cleaned out. When he opened his locker thousands of ketchup packets came pouring out. A couple of days later, I signed his yearbook "Tim, your welcome for the lifetime supply of ketchup. Maybe next year you should use your locker."

the pee doctor
so i took some water and yellow food coloring and it was kinda orange but any way i put it on the toilet everywhere and it was funny cause i was sitting on the couch and my brother came out and says i have seiurs problems and c a doctor i cleaned it so he could # 2 it but from this day foward he doesent even beleve me

The email prank
Okay, so I had a big fight with my BFF last year, and she sent me a mean email. I say to her in that email, "Her 'new' email address" it was,, so she went on to that email, and sent me another mean email, I said to her, You know that you just sent yourself a virus?!! I gave her this website to go onto, It was on, that crush thing where you tell who your crush is, she did it, she said her crush was on Bekir!! I knew it!! I was so happy. I said "was" because we are BFF's again.
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