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1) When I was younger, I would pack my brother & I a lunch, and we would eat it at the park. Well one day, he had made me mad, so I tried to get him by putting worms in his sandwich. He noticed & threw them off, but kept eating (eww). So I distracted him & cut up the worms & put them back on. When he had ate over half the sandwhich, I grabed a live one & put it sticking out the end of the sandwhich when he wasn't looking. Then I acted all scared & he looked & seen. He threw the sandwhich down, ran around like a lil girl screaming, then barfed everywhere!!!

2) In middle school some of us girls were mad at this one guy. So we all pissed into a cup, then poured it into a empty lemonade bottle. We stuck it in the freazer in one of the teachers rooms, then took it out at gym class, grabed his lemonade, and replaced the piss filled bottle with his. He drank almost the whole thing is one chug before he relised what he was drinking!

3) We were painting a mural in art class one time. The teacher had us make handprints on it. Well the one girl in class was really sluty, and noone liked her. Seriously on acident, I triped on my way to the sink. She had just turned around. My bright red handprints went right on her tits, on her nice white babydoll tee.

4)My friends brother was always trying to play pranks on us. Well we decided to get him back. He's lactose intolerent, and had ate icecream earlyer. So my frind & I used up all the hot water, then we put plastic wrap over the tolet seat. It was night time, and the lightbulb had just happened to go out. So we waited in the living room, until her brother had to go. It was so gross. The worst part of it is that it was all over him, and there wasn't any hot water. Their mom actually came down to see what he was yelling about. He had tried to play this prank on us a few days ago, so she thought he did it & forgot about it. She made him go outside & rinse off with the hose before she would let him take a nice cold shower!

5)My friends mom was passed out drunk one time, & we had ballons. So all of us gave ourselfs ballon 'parts' that we wouldn't normally have. We then posed her mom sucking or kissing on these parts & took pics.!

Unclaimed Money!
I was constructing a plan to get my mom back after the little prank she pulled on me the night before. I took some old files of HTML I had found on out computer and I began playing with the files. I soon discovered a perfect code. It was the ultimate set-up. I saved the code on a seperate folder so that I wouldn't get confused, and I began editing and revising. It took a few tries, and long work, but I finally found a way, to make a FAKE online news article! It had said something along the lines of: A local _______ woman doesn't claim money! An entry held at _________ for $100,000 was won by resident Indra __________ and was put in a bank accout for six months, waiting to be transacted over to Indra's! Indra never showed up for the money! The company providing the money gave us this information: "We were very surprised to see that the money was never claimed! We had to award the money to someone else! They were very lucky, on Indra's behalf." News reporters all around are asking, how could anyone give up the chance of winning such a large portion of money?
I sent the page to my mom, but using my uncle's e-mail, because she would suspect ME sending it to her. She started screaming and running through the house, and after she made me read it, I told her that I sent it to her. She was horrified and relieved! I have not done better work!

Cracked Window!
i was in my dads house. and he was gettinn ready 2 take me and my brother out 2 da cinema. i ws really bored waiting for him so i got sum cling film and a marker and i drew a crack on the cling film. then i put the cling film over the car window. i stratened it out so it looked like the window actually had a crack in it! then i ran inside the house saying that sum kids threw a ball over at the car and cracked the window! my dad came out shoutin and looked at the car he belived my story and went around lookin for the kids! when he cudnt find them he got inside the car to see if the crack was bad.. but he saw the edges of the cling film and i was found out. he jst laffed about it and then he tok us to the cinema. that was a funny day!

flash, not to flash
i had a shirt under my lab coat and called over a friend. i rip open my lab coat pretending to flash her and she actually believed it for a second when she shrank away in fear. it was HILARIOUS!!!

The teacher prank
one day my teacher left for a workshop and there was a sub. The sub didnt care so wen this girl was annoyin this other girl who sat next to me, the guy next to her said look the teachers back the she jumped up got scared we pushed our desks up toward her and we were laughing so hard that girl said"OMG u almost gave me a heartattack(sarcasticly)"

the see-through wall
Before class on the last day of school our teacher was in the hall talking to our principal. So I got some cerian wrap and put it in the doorway. So when she came in to the classroom she hit the cerian wrap and said "Oh, shit!" Really loud that the principal could hear it. Then he came in and talked to her and fired her.

Future Scott
Well me and my friends have been joking around with our over exicted very ADD friend Scott. Well the other day when we where in the computer lab, he printed off his science homework. As his was printing I printed a page ontop of his that read "Scott, in percisely 4 minutes someone will try to steal your pencil, defend you pencil. Sincerely, future scott." So after four minutes I try to steal his pencil and he slaps my hand. So the next day we do the exact same thing, excet it says "Scott, in 27 minutes (when class ends) eric will go to get a drink of water, but kent would have gone before him and poisoned it, dont let eric drink the water." So I go before eric to get some water, and act like I put something on the water fountain, as eric is bending down, here comes scott flying out of now-where and tackles eric into the water fountain and the water fountian thing breaks off the wall. Me and my friends are like crying of hysteria while scott looks at eric and says "You'll thank me later." So about two days later we make a very good note letter as scott prints off his Language arts essay. On the note it says, "Scott, today Kent will try to stab you with a knife at lunch. IN 47 minutes you will face life or death. Save your-self, FUTURE SCOTT." So it's lunch and as I sit down to eat I go over to sit by Scott. I sit by him and as i cut my chicken I pull up my knife (plastic knife) and say 'After all these years I can finally get revenge on you for going out with Mackenzie 3 minutes after she dumped me!" Right then Scott flys up and sprints 30 feet then out the cafeteria with huge eyes. I almost died.

Sleep-over Prank
Friends sleeping over are begging to be pranked. We pranked him.
We tied him to the bed early in the morning, Hung it upside-down in a the roof and turned out the lights. Only a glow from a flashlight with green plastic in front. He got panic and thought aliens had kidnapped him, and begged for mercy.

The funiest
In one ordinary day at my school one of my friends tricked me into doing something embarassing to a girl in my class. After I did it and I saw him loaughing and laughing at me I tought I teach him a lesson! He was talking to a teacher at the teacher's desk and I went over there and pull off his pants making him the laughing stock af the entire class and all the teachers in my highschool.

Switch prank
Ok.It was April fools day and it was 3:00 in the morning. i woke up sneaked downstairs and made the salt sugar and the sugar salt!!! LOL. My sister came down added sugar to her cereal and almost threw up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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