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PC switch
At work(I work in a office), My friend, John, sits nexts to a really cute lady named Beatrice, who he was going to ask out. So one day, when I stayed late, I switched John and Beatrice's PCs.Like They're desks are against each each other so I switched the wires so Beatrice would see John's stuff, and John would see Beatrice's stuff. But the funniest thing is John stashes PORN on his computer. So the next day, I paced down the hallway where their computers were, seeing them both franticly looking for their papers. I went to Beatrice and said,
"Hey what's up?"
She said, "I can't find my papers!!"
So I told her to look at the papers in the documents, and see whos name is on it. She went to the documents and looked at the typing documents and the name on one was John Wagner. She couldn't believe it, so she looked for other papers. And while looking, she found the folder titled "Papers". And you know what was in there? ALL OF JOHN'S PORN! She was so disgusted, she told the boss, and John got fired. John got yelled at so bad. I still haven't told him I did that. Haha John.

are teachers smart ?
at the end of my scool day last year i had to clean up the class room.i looked in my friends desk she and had 2 packages of super glue so i thought. i alredy have put a tack on my teachers chair. so i should glue her to it this time i ran and put the super glue on his chair. he came back in to check on me and i was done cleaning so he sat down to grade papers next thing i knew he was yelling at me so loud!! i was i detetion for 2 weeks so i don't think teachers are smart.!!!

Fake Love
This boy in school was a huge player. He was dating three girls from differnt clicks so they wouldn't talk to each other. They found out so we made him fall in love with me. We played along for a while, but broke his heart at his b-day party in front of everyone. He thought I was the one.

Kris Krew Kamping Trip A.K.A my friends are retarded
On the 24th Kris, Charlie, Jeremiah and The Oaf decide to would be a gay old time to go camping, but where? All the parks are closed, its illegal to sleep in a city park after dark and the bum stole the good dumpster! Where is there to go?
Of course, Icklers! So the four of them bring a couple sleeping bags and blankets to my house and go to sleep on the side of my garage. Mean while, my family and I are watching TV upstairs and we see four teens wandering the streets. I can't see them but I assume they aren't MY friends. Mine aren't that retarded!
Yes they are. At 12:30 I'm getting ready for bed and my dad walks in the room and is all, I think your friends are on the side of the house. So we sneak out as quietly as possible. We come over there to see a pile of blankets and we pull the covers up and to my suprise it isn't my friends, the person under the covers is to ugly (Jeremiah. Then we pull a second one up and its The Oaf. He opens his eyes and I'm like, Hey hows it goin'?
I take their camera, and then give them trashbags and go to sleep. I am woken up that morning to Craig Moeller and Charlie banging on my front door. My mom yells at them, we take a few fotos and all in all the Kamping trip was successfull.

The Splat!!!
One time when my brother Amal was about to poop, I put ketchup under the toilet seat (the two bumpy parts is where i put the ketchup packs) and Amal sat on the seat and got his butt, the back of his legs, and the the inside of the toilet seat SPLATTED with ketchup. It looked like blood came out his butt.

My babysitter that I did not care for asked me for a glass of chocolate milk. I went out to the kitchen area and did a quick trip to the bathroom. Added something special to the chocolate milk. Babysitter asked what the nuts were and I stated it was like nuts in your chocolate. Yum! Babysitter said "That's the best chocolate milk I had yet!"

Mike Kim
MAn it was in the pool and i Told my friend i was drowning so he came to help me stay afloat but the joke was on him because 2 of my other friends came up beind him and pantsed him in the middle of the pool.

This kid kep hanging out with me and my friends at lunch. we couldent stand him! he was so stupid and annoying. so one day we went to the bathroom. the kid was still in the lunch room waiing fo us. we new he got sick easly so we decided to pull a seriouse prank. i took a dump in the urinal than took a plastick fork picked a piece off and pu it on the sink than we put a mix of manays, corn and choped carrots in the stall han we replaced the soap despencers wih "can 'o' poop" so then we pu some chocolate mixed with a smoohie and icecream in a cup and got him to drink it he got queezy and ran into the bathroom affter 3 seconds he came out gaging a teacher walked up to him and said har you okay he farted a wet one and barfed on him. and the weired thing is a hole bunch of girls and guy were in the hall when he did it it was so funny lol -(-_-)-

the love
well one day i told my friend ryan liked her and wanted to kiss her so my friend went up and kissed him and he said what are you doing and turns out he had a girlfreind and she say and they broke up

sleep tight!
Okey,it all started when my dad stopped letting my dog sleep with me.The next time he said that,I secretly let my dog in and put a bucket full of water on the top of my bedroomdoor and when my dad came to chek on me,he swung the door open and the bucket (and the water)fell on him.
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