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Who's pee?
Well, my borther was being really mean!! That day he was drinking alot of pop! He was going to the bathroom every 10 minutes. After he went to the bathroom for the 5th time I decited to pull a prank. I got a cup of water, put some yellow food coloring in, and got something to squirt and stir it with. I went into the bathroom and squirted it everywhere. All over the toilet, floor, wall. It was hialrious! It looked so real! He went to the bathroom and screamed!!! I went to the bathroom and said "What's wrong?" I was trying to hold my smile. He said "who did this?" I said "It was you! I haven't gone to the bathroom in the last 5 hours" he said "It was not me". I said "Clean it up or i'll call mom and she'll be soooo mad" so he cleaned it up and kept saying "gross, sick, ew!" it was hilarious!!!

Grimm Ripper
So one night, I had to babysit my four year old cousin. She was so annoyingI wanted to scare her. So she was playing in my PS2 and I went to the garage to the electric box and turned off the power. and then my cousin was sceaming hard. I dressed up in my halloween costum as the Grimm Ripper. So I went to the room where my cousin is and when she saw me she cried and peed in my carpet. And I told her. " I have come to kill you and eat alive!" she was crying so loud!! and then I left and turned back on the lights. and took off the costume. when i went to the room there was pee everywhere!!! It was so FFFFFunnnyy!!!!!

Ruin condom
When someone pisses you off you get even right? highschool prank sucks.. but only when you get caught. playing a prank on the one person that wont let your graduate... it fun!...
i skipped one of my classes and went out to the teachers parking lot and i found out that my principal Mr. Malay dont lock his door so .. a little pepper in the aircon vents will really work his nose and eyes up .. but of couse you HAVE to rub the eyes? tabasco will spicen things up .. sooo i put tabasco on the stearing wheel and everyone HAS to put there hands on it first.. then turn on the car and then aircon.. wheww.. thats a big problem to move the car if you go no gas in ya.. hehehe.. maybe just sugar only.. well lets say the afternoon .. he had to walk home .. POOR Mr. SUNBURN MALAY.. .. thats for not leting me graduate

come out and play
ok this might sound mean by my budy and i were planing a prank to pull on his brother and we decited that we woudl go ahead and kidnap him tie him up and put him in the trunk of my car. we mabey took it to far when we wore ski masks and held him up with a bb gun to get him to the ground but when we look back on it now it is halarious that we could pull something off when we were planning it right in front of his face

Don't open the door!
When we were younger,our cousins used to come over and we'd have this sort of 'war", boys v. girls. Once, my cousin and I set a trap on my bedroom door using a bucket full of stuff that would fall on the girl's heads when they entered... or that was what was supposed to happen,anyway. Well, my mom came upstairs and was celaning or something. She opened the door without knowing and the whole thing fell on her head! She was about to kill me and she even used my full name.I knew I was in big trouble.

I was staying after school with my friend while she took a test and so was anotother girl. I knew the teacher and she was pretty nice so i decided to draw on the chalk board. I was minding my own buisness and this girl came and grabbed the eraser from me. i was so mad. Later when she went to the bathroom i went through her bag and put in tampons and pads and all over her agenda and books i wrote such mean things. Then in her locker i poured glue from the holes. The next day she had on the same outfit and all of the stuff in her locker were covered in glue. no one ever knew it was me.

Hot Dog Queen
Two friends and I were bored one day so we decided that we were going to play truth or dare. We did some really stupid stuff but swore that we would never tell. Well One friend and I got into an argument with the other we decided that we were going to let everyone know what our other friend had done that night.....We scaned her picture onto the computer, gave her a crown of hotdogs, and wrote vote for (her name) hot dog queen, no one deserves this title as much as her. (She shouldnt have done what she did with a hot dog! You can only imagine) So the next day at school I took that copy and went and made 200 copies and the friend and I proceeded to pass them out around the school......everyone was making fun of her and i actually started to feel a little bad and to this day she is still known as the hot dog queen! That was 4 years ago!!!

The Million Dollar Baby's big POOP
So I was at school once and there was this snobby girl in my class who liked to brag all the time about how she got on commercials and how she wore a Louis Vuitton to school every day. She hated me and I hated her. She was always teasing me or bothering me with something. So one day I decide to pull a prank on her so that she'd feel VERY humilliated. So i prepared a whopee cushion and a small baloon. I filled the baloon with mud to make it look like she had pooped. So we were at the cafeteria the next day and when she had gone to look for her food I put the whoopee cushion on top of the mud-filled baloon and when she sat down, we heard this BIG fart. And everyone started laughing at her. When she stood up from her seat, she had like this big brown stain all over her skirt. It was sooo funny! She hasn't teased me ever scince i pulled that prank on her.

Hangin around
One time in biology class i took the backpack of the girl who sits in front of me and when the teacher went into the closet i took some fishing wire and tied the backpack up to the ceiling right above her head. It took her all period to find her backpack.

When i was 12 we were remodling a house that at the time we only had one current bathroom. Well my lil sis had to use the bathroom so i thought it would be funny making her almost wet her pants. so i ran back to the bathroom and locked the door she was banging on the door yelling " olivia let me in i'm gonna wet my pants!!!!" i told her to wait i'm almost done!! i waited about 1-2 minutes before i let her in. She had to use the bathroom so bad that she was crawling to the toilet but right infront of the toilet she pped all ovr the floor!!! It was hilarios!!! She was so embarassed that she started crying it was so funny!!!
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