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left behind
When a bunch of us from college would go to the store it was customary for the driver to move the car if he got out before the others, and watch as they looked for the car. It was really fun to move the car across the street, wait for the person to cross, then go back to the store and wait again.

where's your bed
In college a fried of mine's room key worked in the room that show potential students, which just has the furniture in it so it is pretty empty. We took my roommate's bed and about half of his stuff while he was in class and locked it up down there, then when he returned acted like we thought he was moving out and did not know where his things were.

Shark Girl
Last summer i was in the pool i was scaring people with my shark offit by being under water i told my sister to tell everyone [but scearm] say its a shark in the water and every one left an dme and my sister got revenge by this girl name Veronica

last laugh
my best friend was taking a bath in the lake while we were camping som me and a couples of other friends took her clothes,tent,shoes,and chair and we pretended to burn them!she was so freaked out! then she call the cops on us and we were brought down town! we were in big trouble!!!

Heart Attack
I decided one day I wanted to prank call someone. So i dialed ramdom numbers on the house phone. When they pick up it is an old lady I tell her she has won a million dollars and a life supply of condoms. She screams, I hear a stump, and she clicks the phone. Shortly, a few hours after the cops call my ohone telling me if anyone call from this number doing a prank call beacuse this old lady had gotten a stroke due to the fact she did not know what to do with alife supply of condoms.

Beep Beep said the Alarm
Well, it was a friday night, typical friday night, when i came up with the most brilliant prank. I am an avid gamer so i am used to opening game cases, and inside are patches of eletrical or some type of equipment that i thought had to do with the sensors. They are stickers so you can take them off, and when I thought of it i just started laughing manically. When me and my uncle went to meijers i stuck it on the bottom of his shoe and i watched chaos ensue as the security guards were searching my uncle, but nothing was to be found. He eventualy found it and we both had a good laugh.

A few years ago I went to this university and I had the worst roommate ever! She was horrible. So the last week I was going to be there I descided I was going to get some revenge. So I put LOADS of NAIR in her shampoo. And I swear it looked like that girl was on keamo. She seriously thought she was die-en, it was great she could not have been more spastic.

PayPhone time
My friends and I were infront of Sheets and we had their payphones number so we called it. And this random guy picked up, might I remind you that no one could see us, so when this guy picked up we I talked in the creepest voice you could ever imagine and I said " I can see you my precious" And I have never seen a guy run so fast to his car than that day.

bed wetter
this one time at band camp my friends and I filled up all these water balloons. then put them under some guy's pillows. Once they popped the other guys thought they wet the bed. Its even better if you could get them under the conslers pillows.

bed buggs
one night when my dad was sleeping on the couch, I put one of these toys,and it was a bug and if you pushed a the red button on the top it would buzz. So I put it under the couch cushion. When my dad was sleeping the buzzing thing went off, might I remind you that this thing was pretty loud, anyway he woke up screaming, thinking that the house was falling down. My mom thought he was going crazy it was pretty funny.
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