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Okay, so 1 time i was in on a prank with some friends and we planted a fake deadbody who was actually me in a ditch for halloween. so when we found out how much longer the hay ride would be they pour fake blood all over me. lol it was so funny. it was visable to everyone

bad dog
ok so i was extremly bored so i desided to prank call pizza hut so i called them the pizza worker asked what would you like so i said 1 large peparoni pizza and the worker said wuld like anything els i suddenly said i would also like poop sauce and a little exttra f... with that! lol then i hung up and laught so hard i peed my pants!

Saran Wrap in the Door
Me and my mum were bored so we got saran wrap and taped it in front of the door. We then called my dad and he walked through the wrap. He said it felt like walking through spider webs. Oh well, I guess it is worth me saying LOL.

pizzahut prank call
OK so i was prank calling pizza hut and i said OK can i have a large pizza with a bottle of coke he said sure then i gave him the enemy's address because i hate him sooooooo much! then the next day at school i said how was that pizza? he yelled and said YOU ORDERED THAT PIZZA!!!! it was soooo funny!

one leg
i told my sister she had one leg she was stupid enought to check

So it was hallween and i was about eight or nine and my friends mom my friend and i wanted to ding dong ditch our friend so we rang the doorbell and started runing to the back of her house and i slipped and fell so i went into the bushes and everyone else went without me. suprisingly my friends mom answered the door and came out with a flashlight. I decided to pull a prank on her, so I was in the bushes near her and i crept behind her and followed her movements for like a minute when she turned around i had my scary mask on and she turned pale white and fainted onto the ground she woke up like 10 seconds later i was laughing my butt off in the inside.. IT WAS SOO FUNNY :)

hide and seek
so i was 7 at my couisins house and my mom was in the kitchen and we were in the living room and i hid and my couisin said she couldnt find me and she looked were i was hiding so my mom wouldnt and they were looking for 20 min and my mom called the cops and so i heard that and i poped out and my mom looked at me and then started to laugh and said to the cop never mind it was histerical

Billie Joe Calling
Ok so in middle school me and my sister would call people from a phone box using 0800 reverse, I called this number and pretended to be Billie Joe Armstrong from Green Day. I put on a deep voice and told them that they had won tickets to the next Green Day concert. The peron was soooooo happy lols.

ok. so me and my friend were at a sleep over and we were the only ones up. so we decided to make a fone call to the chinese resturant in texas. We ordered and said ur mushu gave me poo poo and groaned. lol it was the best :) and then the guy was like uhmm u can go c a doctor. i guess and he felt really bad. o well lol

Classic salt prank
Once ages ago I thought it would be a good idea to pull a prank in the school canteen so I unscrewed the lids of the salt shakers and balanced them on top. I stood a way away and watched as one guy got half the shaker full of salt in his food!!
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