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at camp my friend was taking a shower so i ran to the cabin and stole some girls bra and i ran to the shower again and switched his shirt with the bra he came out wearing the bra!!

The one day at lunch I decided to put chocolate pudding on my friends chair to see if she would sit on it. Well she saw it and pulled over another chair. I went to take my tray up and i came back and found pudding on my chair, so I told them "very funny" and pulled up another chair from another table. When i sat down i heard a squish and found out that i sat in chocolate pudding. My friends knew what chair i was going to take from the other table and had put pudding on that one as well.

Magical Chicken boy
I was in 4th grade and I was in the cafeteria sitting with my friends and this one guy wearing a hoodie. His back was facing me so I riped off pieces of my chicken and put them in his hood. My friends were giggling. Then after lunch, we sat down on the rug as my teacher read a story. Then, the chicken fell out of his hood. All the kids were like, "What is that?" The one kid said, "I think its..chicken." Me and my friends were laughing so hard! And till this day nobody knows it was me except my friends.

April Fools
Back in 2003 it was april fools....sooooo i took a roll of plastic wrap to school and coverd all the toilets seats in school.....there were people walkin around with piss all over themselves.....funniest thing ever

Spicy Meatball!
One day, this group of guys that were my brother's friends pulled a prank on me that made me pissed. So, for revenge, I had to think of something GENIOUS. I then remembered that we were having spaghetti and meatballs that night. Since my mom and dad were going out to a friends house, I could make the meal REALLY spicy. So, since I always make the meatballs, I put in a TON of Tabasco sauce and some very, VERY tiny specks of jalapeno peppers. (They wouldn't be able to see the peppers because the speghetti sauce would cover it) That night, when my brother and his friends all took a bite, they started to swell up in tears. I just started laughing my head off. Of course, that was until Mom and Dad came home, and then I had to make another batch. (But, at least I got revenge!)

the day
i was swimming in a local pool with my mom and dad and all the oher people in are family. Well when i was swimming i felt a small yet so weird pull on my leg. So i took my head out if the water a let out a scream i look down to find about a 40 year old man on my leg. It turns out he was just looking for his wife it still was about the weirdest thing that happened to me that whole year

Ceran Wrap
Ok so i was mad at my brother for stealing my birthday money. So i decided to play a simple trick on him. I put ceran wrap under the seat of his toilet, and on the drain of his shower, and under all of his shampoo bottles. This caused him to get totally pissed off. so he decides to get me back by taking my clear nail polisha nd putting it all over my soap so that the soap wouldnt come off. to get even i went to his house and unscrewed the salt shaker from the salt and it poured all over his food! hahaha it was funny.

okayy u c muh rents r divorced and i c muh dad every other weekend. well i was at muh dads on april fools day and descided to pull a prank on muh mom. I called and no one answered ( no surprise ) so i left a message. It said hey mom I wont be home till around midnite ( school nite ) and im in ketucky at a dog race and afterwards im goen to the casino . i hung up waiten 4 her to call bac. she did and man was it funnie she was all lyke natasha u cant to a casino ur only 11 and its a SCHOOL NITE u hav to be home sooner !!! i started cracken up to da fact that she belived muh and descided to tell her da truth and she felt so stupied. It was pretty dang funnie i wish all yall coulda been there lol !!!!!

Once i had some ice tea powder(brown looking stuff) in a transparent plastic bag. I was sitting in my class, and there was only this guy and me present in our last row. And only few other students in class with no teacher. So i started acting weird and all tensed up in front of this guy sitting next to me. Holding my head, cursing and stuff. Then I took out that pouch of ice tea powder, placed some powder on my upside of palm (near thumb)and started licking it. He was watching me, but i didn't paid him any attention. Then I slumped on the bench for quite few minutes, sprinkling water on my face to give that guy as if i was crying, sweating..
Then i started smiling like in a trance and that guy got shit scared.He asked me if i was ok. I just smiled with my droopy eyes. Then he went to other guy who sits in our same row and asked him if I took drugs. The other guy who sits in our row was involved in my plan so he said "Yes, she takes drugs since long. Didnt you know?" So this guy stunned comes and sits beside me again, stares at me and asks "Are you Ok?" And i went all philosophical and "Why do you care, or anybody cares about me.." and stuff..
Then this guy started to lecture me dont take drugs, you are young, dont waste your life, and look at me when i m talkin to you..It was fun then I started to laugh..cause I couldnt take anymore..still he thought i was in a drug state..
then I broke the joke..and told him its ice tea powder..

$20 note
I was bored, and i thought, what if i stuck a $20 note to the floor of The shopping mall? Well i went home and got my $20 note i had saved for AGES, and i Got some super glue from my mums cupboard. I went with my friend charlie to the shopping mall and we stuck the $20 note with a tiny bit of tape to the bottom of my shoe, and on the other side of the note we put a huge dollop of super glue. we stood talking in the same place and the note eventually stuck to the ground. We were crying out tears of laughter as we saw all the people try and pick it up from the ground
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