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evil sistas
it was april fools and my twin sister and i decided to play a prank on our older brother. after he went to bed we thought we'd try the classic shaving cream in the hand, tickle the face trick. our first prob waz that we couldn't find shaving cream... we used toothpaste instead !!! :P it was going gr8 till we tickled his face with a pen... he didnt mov. we fixed it but... by putting toothpaste all ova his pillow. then we snuck out nd covered the toilet seat wit clear wrap. then we went to my room (which was closer to ma bros) nd waited.
soon we heard "what tha f#@*!" nd threw tha crack we'd left in tha door saw him walkin past wit toothpaste all ova his face! he cleaned it off nd ditched his pillow in tha laundry. tha laundry is downstairs so we took tha chance to put toothpaste all threw his bed then went back to ma room nd locked tha door (lol just in case) recently we had lino put down so there was a pretty gd gap to see out of newaz. our poor brother decided to pee befor goin back to bed. lol it went all ova tha floor nd his feet hahahahahahaha! he cleaned evrything swearing loudly went back to bed chucked a fit at tha toothpaste in his bed nd our stepmum (tha only one home that nite) just laughed nd covered tha couch wit plastic nd told him to sleep there... lucky it was a warm nite coz he wasnt allowed ne blankets!
he tried to get me nd Tiff in trouble but our stepmum told him it was april fools nd it was a joke... i cant beleve we got away wit it!!!!

Well,here's how things went,i made some cookies,with my special ingrediants,i take a couple to school.Everyone knows that when i take cookies to school,i'll share them.And my mom makes THE BEST cookies ever.So,i'm tired of people bugging me to share cookies.i put a little vinegar,sour milk,butter Ect. And i just handed them out.finally someone ate one,and went off on me.i got in trouble with the principle,but oh well,it was worth it!no one has asked me for a cookie since!

The brat farted!!
ok,so there is this girl i HATE.she was hanging upside down,and i was like HEY!if i could make her laugh so hard she would fart in front of everyone.So,i actaully got this brat to laugh!!And what do you know,she lets out this HEEUGE fart in front of her crush,and everyone else.and omg,it STUNK!!now she hates me but,hey,i hate her too!

i phoned up one of my friends i hated and took off caller id. and i said can i speek to your mum. she passed over the phone and i pretented to be a police officer. and i said to her mum, i have your daughter on cctv smoking and spray painting. then she said ok i will have a serious word with her and then put the phone down!

mystery numbers
i work in a huge office and theres this one colleage who thinks hes knows everything and he is really cocky so i decided that when he went home early i was going to get him back so i wrote on a post-it note "i need those PDK numbers on my desk ASAP" and stuck it on his monitor he came in the next morning and was panicing because he had never heard of PDK numbers (because they dont exist) it was so funny the rest of the team were in on it aswell. he's not so much of a tw*t now

Seashell Scramble
I walked to the beach with my friends a few days ago and I was the only one who went swimming. I wore gogles so I looked down and I noticed billions of SEASHELLS! I took a lot of them and my friend was just walking looking for a spot to relax and when I figured out where he would sit, I put some seashells there. Of course my friend sat on it.
I didn't tell you I was hiding did I? Well I was with a couple more of seashells. I walked back whistling when I dropped my seashells pretending to be surprised. I sniffed and told my friend I had the perfect seashell and I also said that I was entering the seashell contest. My friend looked around for it and he showed me every one of it. I told him I needed to go to the bathroom. I took some lotion and put a random seashell that I thought was the 'perfect' one. I put the seashell on my friends butt and when he noticed that we laughed to death.

The Cereal
One day me and my sister were getting ready for school.I said''I had wanted some breakfast before I go to school.So, she fixed me some cereal.She said''Akoyia, mom is calling you''.So I went back there, and my mother wasn't back there,and when I went back there, and I remembered my mom was at work.So, I went back in there and I saqid '' mom isn't back there, she's at work''.Then, she said''my bad.Then, I sat back down and ate my cereal.When I ate it I could taste dish detergent and hotsauce in my cereal. I dropped my spoon on the floor, and said''ewwwwwwwww, you little rat.That happened when I was six, and she was eleven.Four years later,I remembered what she did , and I got her Back:When she was laying on the trampoline, I got a waterhose, and I put it to her mouth, and her mouth filled up with water.Now, I am ten and she is fifteen.THATS ALL,PEACE!!!!!!!

Jogger hole
When I was at the beach, there were these joggers that kept jogging around the sand. Then me and my friend dug a huge hole towards their path. They actually fell. I can't believe they never saw the hole.

at school my teacher was about to read the book but before she picked it uo me and my friend quickly changed it over to wat happens when you hit pubetty and she continued to read it was really funny until she relised that the book wasnt about space when she saw pubic hairs. it was really funny until she ruined it by giving us 2 weeks of after schoool detentions

the grim reaper
i walked into the pre school room at school with a grim reaper mask on. at the time i walked in it happened to be nap time i ran through the room screaming im gonna get you!! the kids started crying I got ISS.
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