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poo poo !
It was in the summer when i desided that i would have a chocolate baby ruth and i was at a public pool and i droped the candy bar in the pool and a little kid eww poo poo in the pool and everybody got out and the pool and i got it out and took a bite out of it and the people said eww and i said it's just a candy bar.

laxative tea
I once made my aunt laxative tea for her long trip to NY. She was taken a train so it was gonna be a long ride .it was a hot summer day so naturally she would chug it down easy since it was ice tea. Just as I predicted about half a day went by, my mom got a call and turn out aunty shited her pant on the subway. She said she had to shit real bad but there were so many people on the train, and so she decided to hold it but then exploded in her pant . she was sitting down too, what a squeese. serve her right she pretty mean any way !!

Mouse in the cupboard
one day i decided to play a prank on my dad.i said to him "dad i think there is a mouse in the cupboard". the next few days later my dad checked the cupboard and he said he couldnt see was funny cause he had his head and half his body in the cupboard when i snook up behind him a niped his bum really hard. he jumped out of is skin and banged his head on top of the cupboard. it was sooooo funny. he said it was so sore the he was kicking the cupboard door!!!!!!!!

scary Barbie
One time i was a a slumber party there were two one for the younger sister and another for the older one, I was with the older ones we were 12 & 11 and there was this girl that brought her life sized Barbie doll which had glowing large eyes at night she was creepy. So at night the younger girls put a clown mask and a wig on the door and knocked when we turned the light on the clown lit up and he had a water gun that shot at us so we decided to get them back. When the went to sleep we put the creepy Barbie doll beside them and slipped a butcher knife with ketchup(blood) on it. We whispered run real loud in each of their ears and ran the woke and saw the glowing killer "bleeding" doll! And they screamed it was hilarious!!!

This one time my step bro made me watch this scary clown movie n im very scared of clowns n he knew it n i got soOo scared i started to cry...well later that night i woke up haveing night mares about the clowns n he heard me get up...well that next moring i had school n he got up like 15 minutes b4 i did n he had this clown costum from a coulpe years ago for holloween well he put it on and when i woke up he was standing over my bed with the costum on...he scared me soOo bad i pissed myself n i kicked him n his balls n went screaming bloody murder threw the house n woke eveyone up at 5:30 im the morring well he chased me outside n he scared me so bad it wanted to kill him n he got n so much trouble for it it was funny after it hapened but i was scared at the time

Flower Shop...
ok well we were all really bored one night and when we are bored..we tend to prank call ppl..well we prank called this really famous expensive flower shop...they asked us all of these questions like our name, location where the flowers need to be delivered and all of that took about a half hour just getting all of our info...then we asked what they put there flowers in when transporting...and they said i freaked out and said well no i would prefer mayonaise and all of this weird things u would never expect out of a flower shop to do..and then after being on the fone for about an hour..we said oh well...i will just get her chocolates!! it was soooooo was doe boy fresh!!!

toilet paper thief
ok i was bored in 3rd period so i decided to send my cousin a joke but i went to and sent her a prank about a toilet paper thief it said that the person goes into a resturant every wednesday and doesn't sit down to eat but goes into the bathroom and steals the toilet paper and the description was my cousin she was so scared she thought that the cops was coming after her and then i sent my boyfriend one about a late book fine he was scared too because at the end of the prank it said " if you do not pay this book fine we will come after you" the book fine was for 4 $547.49 lol

scary movie
my cousin who was always being horrible to me was watching a scary movie called when a stranger i stood out side the room wear he was watching it, and every time the phone rang on the film i rang his mobile phone and just breathed down the phone . after a while he started to get freaked out and ran out the room to tell his mum and as he did i jumped out on him and he screamed it was haliriouse

me and some friends were working on an art prject for of my friends went to the bathroom so i decided to prank him.we wrote with pencilall over his paper then painted his eraser red the samme color as the eraser.when he got back he saw all the writing on his paper and started erasingso his paper turned all was hilarious

I have these neighbors who are absolutely weird! There's a 3rd grader boy that likes me (i'm in 6th grade) and a 4th grader that likes me. So they come to the window to talk to Serena,i'm her older step sister. I went into the shower. I shaved my legs etc and jumped out. I put my towel on and brushed my hair. Then I remembered I had left my clothes in my bedroom, cause I'm that much of a ditz. So serena yells "Amanda, your clothes are in here!" So I run in to get them, and there still at the window! I grabbed my clothes and walked away. Serena was like, "Now you've seen amanda in a towel -_-
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