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cake in the face
when i was like 4 years old my dad said hey honey.... come over here and smell this cake. well i got close to the cake and he pushed my head down in to the cake. my head went so far in to the cake that 1 week later i was still getting cake out of my nose!!! LMAO!!

Bath room
One time i got really mad atmy sister so i put ketchup packets and wax paper under the toilet seat and took away the toilet paper, when she sat down she had ketchup all over her underware and she didnt notice so she peed and the wax paper made her underware and pants socked with pee and she didnt have toilet paper or towel to wipe it off with!!! iT WAS SO FUNNY i say any one who thinks they will get in truble with their parents shouldnt try yhis prank cause it can get you in a lot of truble!!! lol

Take a peice of notebook paper and write "Smile if you are not wearing underwear." Pass it on around the class and watch the person laugh and that means they are not wearing any underwear!! This is HILARIOUS!!!!!

The switching Clock
My dad told me this story once- when he did all sorts of pranks to his roomate in collage. Once they were suppose to get up at 8am for class. So my dad changed the clock time 3 hours back. So the roomate got up- got dressed- and went to class. Ha! Nobody was there.

one day i was at my friends house and we got on the computer and i got him to go to and level 3 he messed up so a face poped up

hottie on the block
ok so there's this guy that liked me so he got the nerve to ask me out one day after he had just dumped my best friend so I said yes and he called me that night and told me that i was the hottest girl he had ever seen and that he wanted to make out with me and i said ok and he called me again on my cell and i put it on voicemail and it said oh if this (is lets call him Trevor)Trevor its over and i never really liked you

prank call
one night at a friends party we were prank calling people and so we called a dentist office and asked for a dentist that could help us rite away and we told them it was a emergency so a dentist answerd and was like "wats the emergency??' and then i said "MY TOOTH FELL OUTTTT!!>!>! WAT DO I DOOOOOOO!!! it was hiariouse

The Funny Prink
My brother made me walk to school when he was suppose to drive me so i had got home before him and went outside and got some ants and put them in a jar and put them under his bed spread.And I didn't get in trouble.

Saran Wrap
So I was at a sleepover party with some of my friends, and a few of us thought it would be really funny if we saran wrapped the toilet, so it looked open, but the saran wrap was covering the hole. So we wrapped close the toilet hole... and along comes some unexpecting dude. He just starts pissing on the saran wrap, and it starts splashing every where, on his feet and stuff... he didn't know what to do, so he panicked, tried very hard to stop his piss stream, and jumped out of his piss puddle... it was very funny.

ketchup and shaving cream!
my friendz were at a huge prty and well the frist gurl to fall asleep... we stayed up ALL NIGHT and put shit all over her we put ketchup on her foot and moose in her hair powder all over her salt and peooer and glued things to her and sprayed hairspray all over her lol it was hallarious like an houur be4 she woke up we maved into another room made up a story how we got inthere and 2 waker her up we threw all our shoes at her and when she woke up she smelt like shit it was hallarious LOL

kt dawg
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