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When I was 10 years old I was really scared of bobcats because my grandmother said that they were at my lake house. Well here is the storie it was late at night and I was feeding some of the deer. My other grandmoter came out and started talking to me. Then I heard some leaves and sticks cracking. As soon as I heard that sound I shot my head to the noise. My grandmother looked over there to. Then I heard a nother nosie it was a meowing noise. It sounded like it was a bobcat. The deer started running away. But I could'nt my feet could'nt move I was in shock. Then the sound started getting closer Then something jumped from behind the gate and I screamed and ran to the porch. But then I heard my grandmother laghing. And then I saw thet it was my sister. I got so made at her and started chases her around the yard. But now that I look back at it ,it was prettie funny:)

Poop Squish
It was April 1st and i decided to prank my BEST friend. so i wanted to but a whoopie cushion under her seat, but i thought " thats an old trick. no i wont do that!'" but i DID put the whoopie cushionunder a sheet on her chair. but I also put chocolate pudding IN the whoopie cushion. So when she sat down, SPLAT it woul make a farting noise AND make it looked like sho pooped her pants!! haha! i was laughing so hard.... and so was the rest of the class!!! WOW!!! lmfao!

Red Mark
So one night my brother really got me mad so I had to get him back right? RIGHT! So I when into my bathroom, grabed a bunch of pads and tampons, and when into the kitchen. In there I made a watery red food dye mix and soaked the tampons and pads. When they were nice n' red, I went in to my brother's bathroom and placed the tampons in his sink and stuck the pads to the wall.
When he saw them he freaked!
He thought that it was really blood on them.
I think that is one of my evil tricks on him.

Radio Shack
One time I was talking to my cousin, he told me about one time he called Radio Shack, put it on hold and called a completely different Radio Shack, then connected the calls so at the same time the guys were both like "Radio Shack?" and they were trying to figure out who called who.

Fake Ouch
My sister bumped her chest and it left a red mark. She comes up to me and says do you want to pull a prank on mom. I said sure what are we doing? She said lets make my red mark even redder using makeup. So said okay. After we did that she went downstairs pretending to cry and my mom said whatis wrong. My sister said I bumped my chest really hard. And my mom was freaking out. We kinda got in some trouble. It was so funny. You should have seen her face.:)

It was my Sophomore year in high school and I bought a Choclate bar from a fund raiser at the school. I ate the candy bar and decided to play a prank on this kid that I didn't like. I took a choclate bar of Ex-Lax and smeared the lettering and stuff off and made it look like a melted choclate bar. I then offered it to the kid and made it look as though I got a stomache ache from eating some of it. He took it
and thanked me for it. He took a really big bite and as he was chewing told me that it tasted like chalk. But I guess he didn't care because he ate the whole thing. After he was done the whole clas was laughing at him an told him what it really was. He freaked out and asked the teacher if he could go to the nurse. He went and the nurse thought he was joking and told him to get back to class. 2 periods after the fact he asked again to go to the nurse because he had a really upset stomach. He left the classroom and as he did everyone was watching him walking down the hall . As he was walking he kept stopping and squishing his legs together as if he were going to shit himself. Then al of a sudden out of nowhere, everyone heard a really loud wet farting noise and it turns out he couldn't hold it all the way. The next day the kid withdrew from the school and never returned. It was Hilarious!!!

Me and my friend did'nt like this boy so when he got up to go to the toilet i got a piece of paper and wrote loser on it and then i put glue on it, so when he sat up he had this paper stuck to his but! He didn't even know it was me!LOL

Public embrassment
This was done by my friend's dad to her brother.Her dad drew a fake mustache and glasses with marker on her brother while he was sleeping.They woke him up because they had to run some errands.Her brothers never looked in the mirror so he went to 7 different stores with the fake mustache and glasses.When he got home he looked in the mirror and screamed.


late nite fun
In the summer my friends dad councels at a camp for a week. And almost every year I help out in the kitchen w/my friend at the camp. Well the summer of 2005 we had an older friend that worked at the childrens home that was located on the same road as the camp. We were traveling back to my friends house at around midnight (the camp is kind of out in the woods) and we noticed that her car was still in the office located away from the childrens home. We decided to park the car in the bushes so she couldnt see us. then we crept up to her office window (the blinds were closed) and banged really hard on her window. We heard this really loud shreak and we ran around the building. and knocked on the back door really loud. then we decided to let her know we were the ones joking w/her. So we walked to the front door and she refused to open it until we convinced her it was us. she let us in and in her office she had knocked off all her files and paper work into the floor! It was so funny.
And here is where it went bad.
We decided to go get gas and come back and joke w/her again. We were back about 5 min later and did the same thing to her. but this time we didnt let her know it was us, and kept knocking on the front and back door. guess what she didnt even realize it was us!! So the next thing we knew my friends dad was coming down the driveway. he gave us this huge lecture and told us she thought someone was trying to break in. she really is a ditz!
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