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Snake Prank
When my brother got back from africa he gave me some snakes (he gave me 4 snakes) and told me to prank my sister. he said i can do any prank with em so i went in her room and put it in her panties!! later the day she put them on and felt something wierd beside her but....

School Desks Humor
If you go to school, of course you would notice the desk. The desk and chair are both probably connected. Cause otherwise it wont be as funny.ByTheWay they should have the regular backpacks like Jansport the ones with the end string on it.
Basicly we didnt feel like working in class so then we tied the string on our friends backpack to the chair double knotted, when he wasnt looking. And we were all the way across the room. So I asked him to move closer to us so he can help us on a worksheet. So he got up and grabbed his backpack. And when he grabbed it He pulled his seat hecka far. And everyone started cracking up. It was so funny. We told him that we did it and he got mad for a second and just laughed. Good Times =]

1st 1 2 sleep is dead
1 nite i had a slumber party but i was only alowd 3 people so i invited my best friends briana jordyn and mackenzie but aperently one of my friends is a heavy sleeper so when we all decided 2 go 2 sleep mackenzie was the first 2 go so me briana and jordyn put katchup and make-up all over her face to makeit looke like she died by getting into a fight and when my mom got up and saw her she washalarious;-o

toilet explosion
One night, at the river me and 2 of my friends were there (one is a girl and 1 is a guy. Well anyways, we went out and bought a bunch of the little smelly exploding bags, we used a ton thet day. The girls bathroom has an open window, but its realy really far up, so one of my friends(the girl) has 2 use the bathroom, so me and my other friend follow her without her noticing, and when she goes in, we stand outside , and under the window. Then my friend pops one of the smelly bags amd chucks it through the dirls bathroom winow, and we hear a pop and a scream, and it turns out that the lil bag went through the window, and into the toilet she was on rite before she sat down. IT WAS SO FUNNY ROFLMAO XD

the fake smack
One time me and my brother were in the car. And wanted to prank our mom and dad so I pretended to smack him. And he pretended to cry. And we were also at the Taco Bell in line
and our mom and dad freaked out and got scared.

Flying Pee
it was april fools day and my friend and i wanted to play a trick on someone so we decided that we would put glad rap over the toilet seat in the mens bathroom. We just waited outside to see the victims face! Our teacher Mr Fallon went in to the bathroom smiling at just and then we were so scared because we thought we would get in trouble. about a minute later we heard our teacher screaming very loud so we ran away. Later in class he told us the story and everyone couldn't stop laughing because he didn't know who did it!!!

Dog Trick!
Once me and my dog were playing and then I picked up his toy and pretended to throw it. My dog ran after the "imaginary toy". Once he realized I didn't really throw his toy he came back to me and I showed him his toy. I did the same thing over and over again and once he caugt on to it after a couple times, my dog came back to me and when I showed him his toy he yanked it out of my hand and ran into the backyard with it and tripped over a rock! IT WAS SO FUNNY!!!

Wet head
Ok,So me && my friend put a big bucket of water balancing on the wall on top of her little sisters door.we ran out of the liveing room after we pt the water up and sadi we were going Into her sisters room to get a dollar and we hid in my friends room and she came running into her room and she got drenched.
It was soooo funny. We all laughedd.

well i was up on the computer, typing in a different prank story, and my grandpa was outside watering the plants, and all of the sudden i heard water beating up against the window, it scared me half to death, any way, i looked outside the window, and it was my grand pa arg i got so mad but it was funny

well there was this girl named maegan lurker, and this guy in my class named enan pronounced:(enin) who is a real jerk liked her, so me and my friends wrote a fake letter saying it was from maegan!! oh yah i forgot to add the part that we hated meagan to she is a beotch, anyway the note embarassed the crap out of maegan, and enan actually believed that she wrote it and asked her out as soon as he got the note . meagan was abscent for a week
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