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blow up dolphin
i had this HUGE blow up dolphin (it was a pool toy) so i stuck it in the bed with my step dad so he thought it was my mom (can imagine what he did to it) and when he woke up he yelled and started swearing

fake hand
i hate my history teacher hes so stupid so me and my friend decided to play a prank on him we took a plastic hand off of this life size doll and in class she put her hand up in her sleeve and then put the fake hand in her sleeve so when my teacher asked a Q she would raise the fake hand and bang it on the desk and it made a loud noise she even turned it backwards we got in trouble and had to go to the princepals office :P

One day a bunch of friends and I where hagging out in our school's soccer field, when one of my friends go decide to summon some ghost from it's grave, in a Bloody Mary like fashion. I being the genius that I was stayed on the field, and when I could they where finished , I walked down to them waving my arms above my head, like a mad man, and since it was night and I was far away, it scared the heck out of them.

sugary salt!?!?
ok. actually the prank was played on me. ok so my friends priscilla and vero, were siting across from me in mcdonalds
and i was eating frys. ok so vero says " you know sugar is good on frys right?" i said no. then priscilla took a package with her fingers conceling the label and gave it to me. i didnt think to look but, opend it and poured it all over my frys. then i took a bite and was like.." umm its a er.. sweetish salty sugar..right?" i didnt want to admit it. but i felt stupid. i didnt think to even look at it. they laugh and say "april thats just salt..." embarrassing and im like " i totaly known that i was just..." omg i just cudnt help but laugh along with them.
and i had to waste them frys, way to muhc salt.

give a cell phone to a hobo and tell them ur target's number but tell them not to call til' 12:00

there was this boy i hate so much so i went to his house and he was still sleepin so i went to his bathroom i pulled out some super glue and i put it in the toilet seat and i hid inside the closet i made some noise so he can wake up he went to the bathroom pull down his pants he sat down to poop i guess when he was done he could not get up because it was stuck to his BUT!!!!!!!!!!! asnd then i ran back to my house cause he can't go over to my house cause i locked the door!!!

ha ha ha
once one of my best friends was at my house, so we prankcalled this one person and my friend said hello bob i am pickibng my nose and wiping the boggers in th wall and after that she hung up........the next day we found out that we called her mom

ok so my dad me and my bro were on our dirtbikes and we went to this one place that was abandund and i guss it botherd this close neighburhood so they had put nails so that we wont no more and we got a flattire THIS IS THE FUNNY PART so my dad got piss so we got this hudge magnit and we colected the nails and got some of my dads nails so we went back to the neighberhood and poored nails all over the neigberhood

No more Cereal!
Once I got so mad that my sister took my cereal so I did this. I did some kind of thing when she picks up her cereal box the bottom will open. The next day she picked up the box and all the ceareal spilled. My mom got so mad and grounded my sister! Now she had to clean the whole house every day for 2 weeks! It was so funny!

ok so i had this sleepover and my friend christy fell asleep we put 1 blanket over her entire body and put piles of heavy books on each side of her including her feet reeeaaally tight.when she wopke up she started screaming that she couldn't get out.we thought she was gonna shit her pants
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