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placed tray of water over door, told my mate Gary that he was needed in the kitchen. He opened door and guess what? yes he was soaked./

ok so me and my friend went to camp together and she got dippers and i went to sleep first and so she got dog poop and dippers and lemonade and put them in the dipper so it looked like i went poop and pea in it and then she put it on me and then it was morning then she got some of the other people to come to r tent and she said that i went to the bathroom and i woke up about then and everybody was laughing at me for the rest of the time she just kept saying every nite before we went to bed did u go potty yet so u dont go again in ur pants she treated me like a baby for the rest of the trip

Cheese Spray
My parents where going to paint our living room the color of Cheddar cheese. So me and my brother replaced the paint with Squirtable Cheddar Cheese, so when they painted the walls it would be the same color as they wanted and they would think it was the paint. And it wouldn't dry. so before we put the cheese in the can we went to the pet store and bought 4 mice. We put kept the mice in a cage in my closet. We kept the cheese in my room util the day had came. When my mother brought up painting the den we put the cheese in the can. They painted the room and they went to go to bed. When we heard the door close we put the mice out and went to get our parents. When they came down stairs and they saw the room they nearly fainted.

Ding-Dong Ditch
okay, i was at a sleepover with my friends and we decided to play Ding-Dong Ditch so we went around the block and started banging on the door ...we turned around and the people that lived there were pulling in the driveway and saw us we started running and they started yelling at us is was funny.We didn't stop there though we did many more but next we knocked on my friends next door neighbors door and then my friend Bree looked inside the mail slot thing and started banging on it stupid i know... pretty soon an old woman came out and started yelling and saying shes going to call the cops and all this stuff but she didn't / It was hilarious -Abby

Water bucket,eggs & more
I was mad at my friend a couple years ago cause he ereased a video game of mine, so I 1. tied a bucket of water over our door. 2. hid eggs near the door to throw. 3. got some more of my friends to hide in the trees with paintball/ nerf/ airsoft guns. 4. rigged a tripwire so that tennis balls would shoot out and knock him over. 5. asked him to come over at night.
Well what happened was first the tennis balls were aimed to low so most of them hit him in the nuts and while he was curled up on the ground my other friends started laughing and shooting. so when he got up he ran to the door yelling and got Soaked! and then I opened the door and when i tried to egg him he attempted to tackle me, missed and landed on some of the eggs so I just egged him with what I had left.
In the end I laughed so hard I pissed my self LOL!

The Neighbor and the Dog Poop Coffee
In my Junior year of college, we lived off campus in a condo among some other students but mostly regular working folks. On either side of us, both neighbors hated us even though my house was a relatively quiet one and that year we only had one real party - after which one neighbor in particular lost his mind. He was the one we were having a great deal of trouble with all year long. He was a around 50, lived alone and was one strange dude. He seemed harmless enough, but he lurked around and spied on us constantly. He complained and yelled comments on us every day without fail. Well, one day I was home from class by myself and before I walked in the door I saw white plastic bags on every condo doorstep - as I got closer I saw the bag's writing, put 2 and 2 together and realized they were small promotional coffee cans - like a typical slacker, I stepped right over it. Once inside I saw from the window my problem neighbor creeping around - he was stealing everybodys free coffee samples! One by one he snagged the bags and slipped back into his condo. Soon later when my roomates returned I told them what I saw and we devised a plan to prank this dude. Since he already snagged our free samples we had to look further around the complex for unclaimed bags from people who had not arrived home and found them yet. We "borrowed" a few bags with the coffee inside. We then opened two of the cans and poured out half the coffee grounds and replaced it poop. Yes, our black lab puppy was more than able to provide plenty of that each and every day and that day was no exception. We packed that crap firmly into the borttom half of those cans and then carefully replaced the coffee on top and closed it up. Since we knew this tool so well, we knew exactly what to do - I quickly cracked our front door and placed a bag containing two samples, one fine and one tainted with poop - then just a few feet away, half way on his steps. kind of half way on ours just enough to bait him was another bag with 2 cans, one reg, one poop. We closed the door and lay in wait. (Please note that during this time, before and probably after there was some drinking going on). After a few minutes, we lost interest and went back to normal activities - doing nothing. Then we saw it - we caught a flash in the corner of our eyes and bam! there he was stealing the tainted coffee cans like the little sneak that he was. At the sight of this, 8 drunks were ROFL until they could barely breath. We knew that he already stole the first few cans earlier and these would simply go into his cabinet all stocked up. I always wondered, how long was it before he worked his way to the first can of dog poop? Was it a week later? Did that poop sit and sit in his cabinet - ugh - and when he stuck his scoop in one day and hit something that shouldnt be there what was his reaction? Good lord I would pay alot to know that as the semester was over then and we were going home and we never found out for sure, but the last week he was extra pissed off and growled at us like he knew he had been had! Booya! ..and THAT'S how ya do it!

Behind the Dresser
Okay, I decided one day to pull a prank on my mom and hid behind the dresser. She came around the corner and I yelled. She whipped her arm around and smacked me in the chest. But I couldn't stop laughing.

Toilet Paper Everywhere!
I think you all have heard of TPing somebody's house, right? What about TPing their bedroom?

I had access to my parents' bedroom and I took a roll of toilet paper or two. I strung the TP around lamps, their bed, a TV, and all sorts of other stuff! What made it even funnier is my dad was sleeping at the time and he didn't even wake up!!

So I was at my friends house and we were real bored so we prank called this girl we don't like. Her mom answered and we were like 'yeah can i talk to melina' and her moms like 'who iz this' and i wuz like 'that doeznt matter'so melina's on the fone and we were like Melina do u have a cat? she'z like yea.' and im like 'well clean up the house and keep the doors unlocked cuz were comin 2 stalk u 2morrow and she wuz DADDY! Some kidz on the fone sed they r gonna stalk us! I'm scared! lol and Melina iz like 14

Hide and seek
We were having a lock in and we were playing hide and seek. I was the best hider there, so my friend Molly had decided to hide with me. We got bored waiting for them to find us, so when they were in the hall outside the room we were hiding in, I stuck my hand under the door and had Molly scream as loud as she could. They screamed and were probably about to run away when me and Molly walked out of the room laughing. We all laughed about it later though.
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